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New Photos of Costumed Robert Pattinson Filming Bel Ami.   3 comments

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Chris Weitz Reveals 5 'New Moon' Secrets!   4 comments

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Going for the Gold: In “Twilight,” RPattz and the rest of his vegetarian vampire cohorts have gold-colored eyes as a result of abstaining from consuming human blood. For “New Moon,” the vamps’ eyes were clearly more golden. Why’d Weitz have his actors switch to brighter contact lenses?

“It’s a more noticeable gold,” Weitz said. “I thought that in the first film they hadn’t popped quite enough and I wanted to have that sense of otherworldliness carry through more.”

Why So Torn Up, Edward?: At one point in the film, Pattinson’s Edward Cullen appears in a ripped T-shirt, but we never learn why. So … what the heck happened?

“What it’s supposed to be is that he’s essentially been wearing the same clothes for several months, and that eventually they’ve just worn out because, as you I’m sure know, his body is like stone. So he must’ve rubbed up against something and it ripped,” Weitz said.

Our Lord?: In its Italian-set portions, “New Moon” features a significant amount of religious iconography, and Edward certainly suffers a great deal. Is he supposed to be a Christ figure?

“I think that he is in a sense he’s doomed to suffer eternally,” Weitz said. “He actually thinks of himself as a damned figure, but he’s wrong about that. So in some senses, yeah, he is a martyr figure.”

Black Eyes: In Stephenie Meyer’s book, Edward’s eyes go black in Italy. Why don’t his eyes turn in the film?

“It’s because I screwed up!” Weitz admitted.

Really? He just forgot?

“Well, yeah, I kinda did,” he said. “Well, there are two reasons. One is that I messed up. The other reason is that I actually thought that onscreen it would be quite bizarre to see his eyes go completely black, and that it would be more satisfying and less jarring to have that moment of reunion be a reunion with revivified Edward. But probably, the long and the short of it, there are many details that I did not drop the ball on, and there are some that I did.”

To read the entire article on MTV, please click here!

SOURCE: Twilight Lexicon

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We're Back   17 comments

Like I mentioned in an earlier post we’re back. I’ve been catching up on posts this morning as you can all see. We’re looking for new posters for the site as well. You can e-mail us at . Until we get everything all straightened out we might not be fully back for another week or so. We need to get our bearings back 😉 Thank you all for the amazing support. The main reason why I decided to keep ToR was because of all of you. *hugs*

DreamsofRobert made us this great wallpaper to welcome us back.

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Rob Makes "25 Most Crushable Under 25" List   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson, 23
Let’s face it, RPattz is dreamy. He’s got a magical forest of washed-a-week-ago hair. He makes self-deprecating jokes. He climbs trees. He plays that handsome vampire dude in that movie you may have heard of, Twilight. And he’s British. Any more questions?

Crushable via RP Life

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Video: Robert Pattinson Read Scripts at In and Out Burger   Leave a comment

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Remember Me in The Journal News' Top Ten Movies to See Before the Summer   Leave a comment

Top 10 movies to see before summer

We’ve survived the cinematic wasteland that was January and February, but we’re not quite ready for the big tickets of summer (“Iron Man 2,” “Toy Story 3,” “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”). How to pass the time?

Fortunately, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Robert Pattinson, Steve Carell and Tina Fey are among those here to help. Here’s the lowdown on their new movies, plus Sam Worthington’s follow-up to “Avatar,” the return of Freddy Krueger and a buzzworthy “Kick-Ass” comic book-turned-movie.

“Remember Me” (Friday):

Maybe you’ve heard of this guy, Robert Pattinson? The “Twilight” heartthrob tackles his first major non-vampire lead in this romantic drama about two New York City twentysomethings who discover that love helps overcome family tragedies. Pattinson’s love interest is Emilie de Ravin (Claire on “Lost”) and the supporting cast includes Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin. So is RPattz more or less than Edward Cullen? Here’s your chance to find out.

You can check out the other movies here.

Chris Weitz Talks About Robert Pattinson and Why Rob, Kristen and Taylor Aren't on the Commentary   2 comments

Chris Weitz on Robert Pattinson’s chill media ‘tude

“Twilight: New Moon” director Chris Weitz talked exclusively with The Dish Rag about Robert Pattinson’s noticeably more relaxed interview skills on his recent New York media tour for “Remember Me.”

The actor wowed NY talk show hosts with his off-the-cuff amusing remarks about how sexy Betty White is on “The View,” telling the “Today Show” that he offered to do a nude photo shoot for Details, revisiting his lady parts allergy, even good-naturedly climbing up a tree for a “Bothered” video with Jimmy Fallon.

The guy is becoming a younger, wittier, even more self-deprecating George Clooney.

“I think that he is probably happy to to be talking about a non-vampire role, because he’s so much more than that,” Weitz reveals during our chat about the cool extras in the upcoming “New Moon” DVD, coming out on Mar. 20. source


IESB: Did you have any preconceived notions, coming into this film, about what it would be like to work with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, prior to filming with them? And, was there anything you learned about working with them that really surprised you?

Chris: I think what surprised me most was how level-headed they were, given the kind of pressures that they were under from the attention of the fans and the number of things that could have taken their head out of the game, and how much they really cared about getting their characters right. In the second film, in a franchise in which you know that people are going to go see it anyway, it’s very impressive to see young actors who really care about getting things just right. It’s the first time I’ve actually been twice the age of the actors, except on About a Boy, but that was really working with a child actor. These guys are actually rather grown up. I was surprised at how old I actually felt, in comparison to them. At the same time, I was really impressed by their professionalism.

IESB: Is there a specific reason why you didn’t include any commentary from Kristen, Rob and Taylor on the DVD? Were they just not available?

Chris: I just didn’t want them to say anything bad about me. No. It was actually happenstance. These things are scheduled during the whole press bonanza that you’re doing and, on that particular day, everyone was in motion between one screening and the next, and I happened to be the only piece of the puzzle, as well as Peter Lambert, who was in London, that was available. Now, I’m sure there will be something on the Internet about some kind of scandal where we don’t like each other, or something. That will be interesting. I’ll have to check Twitter for that. But, it was really a much more boring reason than that.

Source | Source | Source via RP Life

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Download "Robert Pattinson & Filmmaker Chat" Podcasts – Part 1 & 2   Leave a comment

From Remember Me Facebook

Rob Pattinson chats with the filmmakers of REMEMBER ME. The “Rob Pattinson & Filmmaker Chat” will be rolled out in 3 parts, available on iTunes, as an audio podcast. Part 1 is available to download for free now!

Download Part 1 HERE

Part 2 of the Remember Me “Rob Pattinson & Filmmaker Chat” is now live on iTunes. Rob and the filmmakers discuss the character of Tyler.

Download Part 2 HERE

Via RP Life Youtube by TwilightBritneyFan

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Video: Robert Pattinson Talks About "There Will Be Blood" and "Breaking Dawn"   2 comments

Video: TV Guide Interviews Robert Pattinson on the Red Carpet at the Premiere of Remember Me   Leave a comment