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How would you like to be remembered?

(laughs) I don’t know, the only thing I can think about is that I feel bad about my family. I really don’t know how I’d like to be remembered. Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t remembered at all, just forgotten.

You said in Cannes that Remember Me is the most personal movie you ever made and that you were playing yourself. Can you talk about that?

I said that before I made the movie. I was working in pre-production and the movie changed a lot. In fact, I was trying to bring the character closer to me, but as filming developed, the it became very different.

What changed?

What initially brought me to the part was the fact he wasn’t a common young character. In almost all movies, the “good guy” is idealized, what is not the reality. They’re the -cliche of a character or a stereotype. Tyler is not like that. I think there was a blank screen and I was trying to make him more complex.

Your character is a “rebel”. Do you think you are like him?

I dont think he’s a rebel. Maybe sometimes he does things in some situations – like when he goes to his sister’s school and confronts the people that attacked her – that I would do if it had happened to me. But I also think he’s much more carefree than me.

You didnt go through tough times like your character, in your early 20s. That usually is a complicated time in life when you’re confused…

I tried to play this from a point of view of when you first start your adolescence and stay too focused on being individualistic. You make it a point to stamp your individuality into something, not accepting to just be part of the world. I think there’s a time in your twenties where people start to think that it’s okay to be part of the world. That’s what I felt when I was 22. When I was younger, I had this obsession that everything I was feeling was false.

How so?

When you’re sad you aren’t really sad. You’re just pretending to yourself.

When Tyler and Ally (Emilie de Ravin) first meet, he’s very persistent. Are you like that with girls too?

(laughs) No, not at all. Sometimes, depends on who the person is. Usually it doesn’t work for me, I’m not good in those things. I barely can remember the last time I asked a girl out, that I told her I wanted to go on a date with her. I think I never did that. I think I’m different from Tyler in that way.

What do you do when a girl doesn’t want to go out with you, like in the movie?

I say: “Do you have any idea how many girls would want to go out with me, you idiot” (laughs)

Are you single now?


You’re THE guy right now. Everyone talks about Robert Pattinson. Do you get paranoid or do you like that?

I wish I could control that, but it’s impossible. I’m always on a dilemma. It’s nice, sometimes, because I end up doing movies like this, where I’m involved with it from the beginning to the end. Many actors don’t have the chance to do that. That was great for me, but I get paranoid too.

Leonardo DiCaprio used to make small independent movies, then he made Romeo+Juliet and Titanic, that became one of the biggest movies of all time. He said that another version of him appeared, the one that the media created. Later, he revealed that he had to wait “that monster die” to get back to his career. What do you think of that?

He was nominated for an Oscar when he was really young and always wanted to be an actor. It’s a little different with me. I was making independent movies. I think I feel some of the things he said and the most annoying thing about all the attention is that I can’t really learn. The process of learning, as an actor, decreases, cause you can’t do, without jugdement, things that people don’t wanna watch and small roles. That’s what creates much more pressure, that goes completely against you. There are only negative things that come with being pressured when you’re trying to act.

Do you feel pressured?

Yes. It’s weird. There were a lot of expectations on me on the set. It wasn’t so bad, I knew I was making a small movie, but what worries me is how people will undertand my choice. The only thing to do is hope that people will watch the movie, like any other movie without preconseived notions.

What kind of reviews made you upset in the past?

I didn’t like the way people talked about “New Moon”, because I think I was judged for being part of a franchise. When something is so hyped, it’s inevitable to have this movement against it, and I think the criticisms came in this context. I think Chris Weitz is an incredible director and I really liked the movie. I’ve been very lucky, but unfortunately, people jugde what’s currently mainstream.

What is the weirdest thing you ever read about yourself?

Sometimes, when I’m going to do interviews, I check what people have been writing. I remember once a magazine said I was pregnant. It was on the cover.

If you had 2 hours to be a non famous person, what would you do?

Nothing, actually. It’s weird to go back to London because there I can walk around and do normal things. It took me a while to notice that. If I had noticed that sooner I would’ve come back here a while back.

Do you think it’s because of the beard?

Yeah, I think so.

Do you plan on keeping the beard?

I’m working here in London and I’ll see if they let me keep it. I’d like to do an audition without people knowing who I am.

How are you getting ready for you role in Bel Ami?

I have to gain some weight. I think they won’t let me gain a lot of weight because we’re going to start shooting Breaking Dawn, but I’ll have to look a little older. My character, Georges Deroy, spent 6 years of his life drinking heavily, so I want to look a bit wild for this role.

How did fame changed you?

I moved to the USA. I’ve always thought it would be like it is in England. I came to spend Christmas (in London) and everything was calm, different than I thought it would be. I think things are way different there – I really can’t do anything. I just don’t want to make the news. I don’t have any interest in those people who are on the cover of gossip magazines, because it is possible to hide. And everyone who goes out and gets caught by a paparazzi always looks like someone who’s boring or something.

Cannes was a bit crazy for you last year…

It is quite funny to go in the middle of the crowd – and our only 2 bodyguards have to kick people while we’re trying to walk through them. It’s cool, but at the same time you think “why am I doing this?”. I don’t want people to think that that’s interesting – you don’t even need to say anything and people go crazy.

Are there times when it gets too intense?

Sometimes. Usually dealing with crowds isn’t a problem. You’re walking on the street and, suddenly, 20 people come running after you and, it doesn’t matter who they are – kids or not – it’s still intense. It’s a weird experience and you get a little bit paranoid because of that. You just walk on the streets looking around and checking if you’re going to get “attacked” at any moment.

What was the most intense situation you’ve ever been through?

Shooting New Moon in Italy was unbelievable, it was the most intense situation I’ve ever experienced. I think 60% of our extras were fans. There was this crowd of fans and I had to take my shirt off in front of them. It was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done.

So your current reality is to run and hide inside bars and hotels?

In Los Angeles, yeah. And it’s bizarre but in London I’m living a normal life.

What do you like to do in London?

In the last 3 years I didn’t get to spend much time in here, but I used to live in Soho, so I knew everyone. But, since I came back, I realized that most of the places I used to go are closed now.

What actors you admire for their talent and attitude?

Joaquin Phoenix and Ryan Gosling

You play piano and other instruments. Have you ever been in a band?

When I was younger I used to be part of a small band called Bad Girls. It was a long time ago. Almost all of my friends are musicians and have bands, so I play with them sometimes.

Do you want to be a musician?

I like the idea of writing and making soundtracks. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to make a solo album.

If it wasn’t for your father, you’d probably be in the music industry. Is it true he told you to be an actor?

It’s true, because he saw a bunch of pretty girls and said “Rob, you should go there”. That’s what motivated me to be an actor!

You didn’t have any idea Twilight would change your life?

Actually, I don’t think anyone involved in Twilight thought this would happen. Maybe because it wasn’t another teen movie.

Are you into fashion?

I like Marc Jacobs. I wore some clothes from his line in almost every premiere because I think they’re the only ones who look good on me. I usually like cheap clothes. I don’t go shopping for clothes so I always end up wearing the same ones.

Do you go to fashion shows?

I wouldn’t do that, it would be too embarrassing. My friends would say “what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?” (laughs)

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Miazevedo, Debcupti, Brandnewluv @ Pattinsonlife

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