85+ Screencaps From the New Video Behind the Scenes of Eclipse   9 comments

Here are 85+ screencaps from the video behind the scenes of Eclipse.

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9 responses to “85+ Screencaps From the New Video Behind the Scenes of Eclipse

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  1. The main thing I notice is better hairdos for Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett: they’re much more attractive than in New Moon. Otherwise, everybody looks perfect as always. I can’t wait!

  2. yeah they changed Jasper’s hair AGAIN but I like that alot better than his grandpa wig from NM LOL and I notice they also darkened Esme’s hair back as well which I also like better, it makes the contacts stand out more.

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  4. Wow! Love the return to normal hair for the Cullens! Can’t bloody WAIT! NM was for the dogs, and I want the Cullens to have their day!

  5. Love Rose Japser’s new hairdos~
    But Emmett’s a little bit like kid’s.. I like his hairdo in NM, anyone with me??

  6. Yea Rosalyn, Emmett’s reminds me of a Star Trek haircut!

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  9. Thank you ❤

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