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Remember Me is a brilliant screenplay written by Will Fetters. Many can oversee the underlying lessons of Remember Me and chalk it down to being a dramatic romance, however they will have failed to see the true meaning of Remember Me. Remember Me is a story about people like you and I. It’s a story about grief, and how everyone deals with it differently. Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, the wounded college student who’s fighting to come to terms with his brother’s death. This is Rob’s best performance yet. In Remember me he proves that he’s so much more than Edward Cullen. Pierce Brosnan, plays Charles Hawkins, the father who buries himself in work to forget the death of his first son. Ruby Jerins shines in the role of the artistic, often misunderstood, youngest daughter of a family trying to cope with a tragedy that has befallen them. The Hawkins family truly represents  how death can affect people in so many different ways and have a big impact on actions years down the line.

Rebelling Tyler works in a bookstore, is a free student and lives with Aidan (Tate Ellington). Aidan is the much needed comical relief in Tyler’s life. Behind his funny guy facade Aidan cares deeply for Tyler and tries in his own way to help Tyler get through this rough moment in his life.

Boy meets girl, Tyler meets Ally who also has her own share of grief to deal with. Ally while coping with her own grief tries to deal with her father’s grief. Neil Craig (Chris Cooper) is another perfect example of how people deal with grief differently. Tyler and Ally’s relationship develops and their shared grief makes Tyler realize that he is not alone, bringing them closer together. The chemistry between Tyler and Ally is great.

The entire cast of Remember Me did an amazing job in portraying the lives of these dysfunctional families. Tyler’s relationship with his younger sister is so touching and sweet.

The ending packs a powerful punch that will leave you reeling and speechless. Only then will you truly understand the meaning of Remember and what this movie has to teach you.

Remember Me teaches us  a powerful lesson, one we should all live by, but so often forget : “Live in the Moment”.

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13 responses to “ToR’s Review of Remember Me – If You’ve Read the Movie Synopsis There are No Spoilers

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  1. Terrific review…can’t wait to see the movie. And yes, we all need to remember…”To Live in the Moment” Thank You

  2. I agree with your review. This is by far Rob’s best performance. I felt every emotion he was feeling.

    What a great job by all the actors.

  3. I saw Remember Me yesterday and I still can’t stop thinking about it. The story was poignant, funny and so real and profound. Anyone should be able to relate in someway to any one of the characters. The performances were beautiful. I was so looking forward to Rob playing a “real guy” and he didn’t disappoint. It was an all around touching and wonderful movie. I will definitely see it again. Your review was right on. My favorite line: “Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch.” It will choke me up everytime. Remember Me will be a classic.

  4. I am so touched by the reactions to this movie, I cannot find words to describe. It seems it is exactly the film I hoped for – a lesson about
    life. Sorry for my bad english, but I’m german 🙂
    Lots of love,

  5. I watched it last night as well.Very powerful performance by Robert and the
    rest actors, very touching story line, I can’t stop thinking about it. Amazing indeed, to those who haven’t seen the movie yet, I promise you, it is worth watching, you will never regret the experience.
    Please do yourself a favor and go watch.

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  7. I was not a big fan of Robert’s recent performances in Twilight or New Moon, but I knew he was destined to be a big star because he has charisma and the camera loves his face. However, he gave a very good performance in Remember Me. I especially love the scenes between him and his sister in this movie that were very touching. I won’t go as far to say that this was a great movie, there were pacing problems, but a very admirable movie for Robert to break out of his Edward Cullen persona.

  8. Mind Blowing, I still can’t stop thinking about Remember Me. The movie affected me, in many ways. I loved the ending. I hope I can go to see it today for Remember Me Saturday. It was touching, humourous, and all around amazing. Loved it.

  9. I saw the movie yesterday and was impressed with Rob’s acting skills, his best performance yet. I know this is suppose to be about a love story between Tyler and Ally, however the relationship between Caroline and Tyler took center stage. How he tries to wake his father up telling him about his daughter Caroline. Caroline (Ruby), is indeed a phenomenal actress. She portrays her character with such maturity.

    The movie has humor, compassion and love. I must commend the entire cast for such a awesome job! The turn of events leads to a surprising ending.

  10. I saw the movie yesterday and went in with all the negative feedback from some of the reviewers and liked it…went today and the impact of the movie hit me like a ton of bricks Rob was great in this role. The love story between Tyler and Alley was soft and gentle showing these two wounded birds find love. The cast was terrific and I think well cast. The movie shows how two families deal with their grief and their anger. More importantly it tells people to love each other and reach out for each other because we never know what tomorrow will bring… This is a movie you must see.

  11. I was so so so humbled by this film, i went to the Cinema and had no idea what the film was about as the Tralier gave nothing away about September 11th even though the title “Remember Me” made me think. But what a beautiful story and such a powerful ending, when Carolines teacher walked past the board and it read Sepmtember 11th 2001 my heart sank and then i cryed all the way to end and always do when i watch the film. September 11th never really effected me as i live in England but this film as gave me such respect for that pieace of History. I fell in love with every Chracter Espically Tyler and when His room mate Aiden has his Tyler tattoed on His arm at the end i get a MASSIVE LUMP IN MY THROAT. Beautiful Film. Beautiful acting and powerfull story. LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON FOREVER AND ALWAYS!! XXXXXXXXXXX ❤ < 3 ❤

  12. rob’s most memorable, powerful and astounding performance so far. the negative reviews, which to be honest, made me confused, saying such haughty remarks; i believe some of them were committing ad hominem for robert pattinson’s fast rise to stardom. if they really watched the movie, entered the cinema or sat in front of their TVs or laptops without preconceived ills because of his edward cullen persona, i very much believe there would be less who would not like the movie. every time i watch RM, the beauty is still there; it never fades. the fuss about the ending controversy?; those people putting a negative light to it should have done research or something that this movie is sort of a tribute to the victims and not just some ‘hey, let’s put this ending so it goes out with a bang!’. i liked what nick and will said in the DVD, something like, they wanted to humanize the victims of 9/11 and make people see that they are not just part of the statistics. and it really did. robert pattinson can bring so much intricate details and personality in a character that i hope and believe he deserves the fame and positive recognition he receives. criticisms are welcome as long as they do not prove to be unjust. respect.

  13. I have seen this lovely movie at least 10 times (mostly for Rob), but it touches me every time, and still cry through the last 10 minutes. Great performances all around, very touching, I wish more people would watch it for what it is, and not stay away from it because it is a movie with “that Twilight guy”. They don’t know what they are missing.

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