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Overnight Robert Pattinson became an international star thanks to the role of Edward in the Twilight Saga. The story of love between a vampire and a regular girl captured hearts of people all over the world. We met up with him in New York where he attended the premiere of his new movie ‘Remember Me’.

You must be really happy that with that movie you can change your public image a bit, you smoke and drink all the time in it, get into fist fights, you’re no longer just that ‘pretty boy’.

Yeah, that’s one of the things that I liked the most about that movie. After the first fight, no one even thought about that earlier, I have massive cuts and bruises all over my face and they stay for the duration of almost the whole movie. It’s an interesting romance, just imagine that someone is trying to hit on you looking like that [so unattractive]. In the scene when I meet Ally for the first time, when I was reading the script I didn’t realize that my whole face is going to be bruised, I mean imagine a guy trying to impress a girl having a black eye [everything is written on his face] yeah. It was a cool scene.

Do you prefer realistic movies like that one, or maybe the fantasy world like Twilight?

I don’t know. That script seemed just very honest and real, you don’t get something like that too often, but sometimes, reality can be just incredibly boring and fantasy is just more fun to play. But in that script there was just something very special, I’ve never seen a movie like that. Generally though, I don’t have any special preferences.

Are you kind of tired of fame because of all the chaos that happened after Twilight, are you bothered by the whole interest? Does it make your life very difficult?

Sometimes. I mean, like when I’m in New York and I can’t go out at all. [Or anywhere in the world probably] Some places, in some places it’s easier, there are places where people’ve never heard of Twilight [well don’t come to Poland then] Oh yeah? They’re big fans? [oh yeah, they all know you]. It can be very frustrating, but there’s always some way around it, if you plan ahead you can have a semblance of a normal life. [Yeah, but in normal life there’s no need for special planning] I mean I think it pays off, I hate when I go out for dinner and there’s a whole crowd of people outside, and even if I just know that that crowd is there, I just can’t enjoy whatever I’m doing [because you know what’s going to happen after you leave] Yeah, and so I have to plan to be able to avoid that. But then again there are situations when the crowds of fans are great, like this morning, when I went to the Today Show. It’s such a surreal, strange thing, I mean, I’m just 23 and it’s already so massive, it’s like a turning point in my life.

There’s going to be more films in the series so it’s probably just going to be escalating and last for few more years.

I don’t know how it can really escalate more, there’s nowhere it can really go [we’ll maybe meet in a year or two and you’ll tell me if it happened] yeah. Just before Christmas I was in Munich, I was at a stadium and there was 20 000 people there [screaming your name] yeah, and I didn’t even do anything, I just said ‘Hi’ and that’s it, it’s completely surreal, there’s no other word for it.

You must be happy that your career is going the way it is?

Definitely. There weren’t any bad sides, I mean, I can do movies that I really want to do now [you have a choice and that’s the most important thing for an actor] yeah, it’s amazing. I mean, there’s a bit more pressure on you and what jobs you do, but generally it’s great. And I hope that for the next few years I’m just going to have great fun.

Translation by doniczka at Pattinsonlife via RP Life

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