Remember Me Review: Pattinson Proves He’s More Than a Vamp   3 comments

Robert Pattinson’s new flick “Remember Me” is a surprisingly dark, compelling and moving story of a boy and a girl spending the summer falling in love in New York City. It had a phenomenal storyline, decent acting from all angles and gigantic plot twists that I didn’t see coming.

Spoilers after the jump!

I’m not going to give it all away, but to put it simply – if you were paying attention in the beginning, you know how it ends. The story is more intricate than expected, with twists and turns.  From the previews, you’d never know that Emilie de Ravin’s character, Ally Craig, was present for her mother’s murder. You don’t realize that Pattinson’s character, Tyler Hawkins, has a deceased older brother (Michael), eleven-year-old sister (Caroline), or a mean streak that lands him in more than one violent fight with Ally’s father.

There were scenes when he obviously was falling for Ally, where he was furious and when he felt bad for his actions- like smoking, for example. Throughout the movie, it was a recurring theme to see him smoking in front of his younger sister and his parents, although he promised repeatedly that this was his last one ever. It was a far cry from the way he is usually viewed on the big screen: his mumbling, sparkling, vampire self.

Emilie de Ravin also showed a great deal of acting skill. There wasn’t as much as a range of emotions for her character, but she put into it what she could.  Her past was filled with hurt, and she seemed to carry that around through the movie well. Ally Craig could forget about the pain for a little while, but it was always tailing her like a shadow, ready to rear its ugly head.

Pattinson’s and de Ravin’s chemistry was very believable. It was warm at times, and after two too-long sex scenes, the audience started to get the idea of how passionate their love was- for being based on a childish revenge plot, that is.  Ally got along well with Aiden, Tyler’s roommate, as well.  Ally’s relationship with Caroline, the younger sister, was also genuine. She made an attempt to really impress the family- getting along with the mother by washing dishes, accompanying the family to Caroline’s art show, and generally being a likeable character.

My personal experience seeing the movie wasn’t an entirely enjoyable one; thankfully the movie was good.  A few times, the screen blacked out, so only the audio was available.  The only thing that I missed out on was sweeping scenes of New York City, so I don’t feel really that cheated.  Luckily for the audience at that particular showing, our money was refunded.

The movie was exceedingly dark and filled with hurt and pain, for something that was intending to draw in the teen crowd. The baggage that the cast carries around shows through in their acting. Overall, it was a great movie that I’ll definitely add to my collection once it comes out.  Despite the darkness, the love story is a powerful one whose plot twists will blow you away.


3 responses to “Remember Me Review: Pattinson Proves He’s More Than a Vamp

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  1. Thank you for the positive review. It saddens me to see so many negative reviews about Remember Me, and to see how far off their interpretation of the story was as opposed to what it really is, according to Will Fetters. The ending wasn’t meant to be an exploitation in any way. I think they handled the ending quite exceptionally. The previews didn’t do the movie any justice. Rather, I think the previews were intended to show off Rob’s face to get tweens amped up for another 2 hours of him on the big screen. This movie was so much more than that. The entire cast was incredible and the way they were able to express their emotions was completely believable and made it difficult not to fall in love or connect to each of them in some way. Very touching, very beautifully written, and will be remembered for quite some time. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, or ever…not too sure, I just know it broke my heart, inspired and touched me all at the same time.

  2. you writing everytime,i happen about those lame reviews i cried their are haters too well i just came across a hatewr and she was on ROB’S TREAD SPEAKING AB OUT KRISTEN LOOKING SO BREATH TAKING AND ROB LOOKED TODAY LIKE A DRUNK WITH HIS LAME MOVIE AND SHE DON;T KNOW WHY KRISTEN WASTING HER TIME AND IT WAS WRITTEN WITH PURE HATE,HOW SAD

  3. I’m not one who sees many movies. I’m particular in what movies I see, I choose Remember Me for its storyline, and wanted to see Rob acting skills outside of the Twilight saga. I enjoyed the movie, the love story was fine. I was taken in by the relationship between Tyler and Caroline. What impressed me was the tender love Tyler had for his sister and the protectiveness toward her. I really didn’t see the twist coming in the ending, and was surprised to see the turn of events that led to yet another tragedy. I felt the cast did an amazing job in the movie.

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