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Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me has been called a downright box-office flop by some. That isn’t correct. A box-office disappointment, sure, but definitely not a flop considering its $16 million price tag.

Even if Summit Entertainment spent that same amount — or several million more — promoting and distributing the film, Remember Me will most likely end up in the black after worldwide box-office rentals (not grosses, as exhibitors keep about 50% of the share) and ancillary revenues are added up.

At the domestic box office — United States and Canada — Remember Me has grossed $14.5 million after 12 days. Day-to-day revenues have varied widely, with increases and decreases at times reaching 20%.

Overseas, Remember Me has opened in only a handful of major movie markets since March 11. According to country figures found at Box Office Mojo, Remember Me has grossed $5.42 million at the international box office as of March 21. That places its worldwide total at about $20 million.

The three top markets have been Russia with $1.824 million, Brazil with $1.118m, and Australia with $916K. Further down the list are Greece with $316K and Sweden with $279K.

Remember Me will open in major markets such as Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Mexico, and France in the coming weeks. Expect revenues to soar even if Remember Me doesn’t turn out to be a bona fide success.

Source: Alt Film Guide

6 responses to “Remember Me International Box Office Update

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  2. I would like to know when the amount of cash a movie brought in made it a success?

    How many movies out there made a ton of money and actually sucked? I can’t think of them right now but I know there are many.

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  4. I’ve said this several times now. One of the reasons the box-office is lower than expected might be because it hasn’t been distributed as widely as it should have been. I had to drive out of my county, over an hour away, to even see it, even though we have 4 theaters in my county. Someone who isn’t that much of a fan just isn’t going to go to the trouble to drive that far. They’ll just wait & see it on DVD, and maybe never see it. I’ve heard several other women say they weren’t able to see it yet either because it wasn’t available in their area.

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