Video: New Robert Pattinson Interview With ZDF – Germany   3 comments

From RP Life:

Rough translation vy tiny_pixy at Pattinsonlife

– with every job he does he hopes to learn something out of it
– when you’re in your 20’s you think that all your emotions and everything you feel is fake but then you realize that they are real and everything starts to change
– especially young people have this need to break something or create chaos(i think he actually says “do something crazy”, they translated it a little weird) but very few people act like that, although the world needs that energy.
– they ask him what kinda relationship he has to Kristen and apparently he says “I don’t know anything about it”, you can hear that he says something different.

Source: Twilight Britney Fan via RP Life

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3 responses to “Video: New Robert Pattinson Interview With ZDF – Germany

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  1. write ZDF! 😉

    and thanks a lot for this clip!
    I don´t saw it in TV… -.-

  2. ummmm yeah german tv = fail :’D there are so many wrong facts they mention … for example that Tyler’s dad in RM is too caring … well what about some research before u do a coverage ZDF? xD

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