Marie Claire presents Robert Pattinson's Styles highs and lows   7 comments

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Posted April 9, 2010 by Sim in Robert Pattinson

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7 responses to “Marie Claire presents Robert Pattinson's Styles highs and lows

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  1. Much, much more highs than lows, of course (LOL) Rob is a very elegant man. Nobody wears casual clothes or a suit, or a tuxedo so well, for example. He looks amazingly sexy all the time even when he wears homeless chic style.

  2. Poor Daniel Gale!! Always getting picked on!! Marie Claire needs to do some home work ;0)

  3. I wonder which pic. they consider “highs” and “lows”. For instance … RomeRob and CannesRob to me are “highs”. 😉

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  5. I am so a jean girl. Love a man in jeans.. especially when they fit the bootie well. 😉 Very happy those damn saggy pants are out of style and the straight leg is back. Robert being tall and lanky wears them well.

    Even though I’m not a suit person, Robert does look charming wearing them. 😉

    It ticks me off when the media or whomever feels a celeb has to look perfect all the time. Hog-wash! Celebs are no different,they just have a high profile job, Ordinary people.. including the man in front of the camera.

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  7. Gawd, Rob at the Oscars looks dangerously hot. Of course, RomeRob tops’em all, but Robscar is not far from the top.

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