's Review of Remember Me   2 comments

Remember me

Director: Allen Coulter
Writer: Will Fetters

I,  like most people enjoyed Twilight, and I’m not ashamed to say that.  I did go into this thinking it would be another half decent indie film about relationships love and family. I was, however,  pleasantly surprised watching the film.

Remember Me is about Tyler Hawkins (Rob Pattinson) a 21 year old guy living in New York, who doesn’t really see eye to eye with his father and is philosophically advanced than most his age. We see him deal with his pain and struggle and see him help people, in doing so gets him and his roommate arrested.

As the story continues we see his relationship with Ally grow, Ally played my Emilie De Ravin. Ally’s story is told at the beginning and without giving too much away she is dealing with some of her own traumatic issues. Her relationship with her father is pretty close, but a drunken night spent at Tyler’s gets her in trouble and she moves out.
For me. the relationship between Tyler and his father played by Pierce Brosnan was amazing; the boardroom scene was gripping, and for a moment I was mesmerised by what was going on. But the one who stole the film for me was Tyler’s little sister Caroline, we see her dealing with her own issues of being different and troubled at such a young age, for her performance alone would recommend going to see it.
Finally, the ending. If you pay close attention throughout the entire film you might just see it coming, however I was so captivated by the story I did not, so it hit me when you see what happens. There were subtle hints though; the eerie music which did foreshadow what was going to happen. I was happy it wasn’t a clichéd ending which at one point thought it was heading towards. It was better much better.

Overall I would say its worth going to watch, decent and enjoyable, great story and a wonderful cast.



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