Rob in this month's Cosmopolitan – Clean or Scruffy?   6 comments

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Posted April 16, 2010 by natalienw in Robert Pattinson

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6 responses to “Rob in this month's Cosmopolitan – Clean or Scruffy?

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  1. both, duh!

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  3. They didn’t exactly pick the best shot of him clean cut now did they?
    I’m all about the scruff. I’m all about the wild hair and the scruff..
    Okay.. I’m just all about.. the whole damn package.. I give up. 😉

  4. Oh he looks like a little boy on the pic of the BAFTAs. I love it! And then there is the other pic…. *DED*

  5. Definitely scruff. I do not really like his looks at the BAFTA.

  6. what!? he looks great in both ones!! I first thought that he wouldn’t look so good not in wild hair but after watching BAFTA i kinda liked his look in there… a bit damp, lying on top of the head, totally suited his suit!!

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