'Remember Me' DVD Will Include Audio Commentary With Robert   57 comments

According to flix66.com the Remember Me DVD will include two audio commentaries: one with director Allen Coulter and the other with Robert Pattinson and other cast members. It will also include a making-of featurette.

To order the DVD click here

To order the Blu-Ray click here.

source/source via TwilightBrittanyFan

57 responses to “'Remember Me' DVD Will Include Audio Commentary With Robert

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  3. This just makes it BETTER!! =)

  4. OMG I can't comment before getting my comment approved?!

  5. Huba huba!!! Me alone with Rob talking to me while I sip a class of wine & he drinking a beer. Ok so I'll be sitting on my couch drinking the wine & he';; be on my TV. Don't ruin my fantasy here! LOL

  6. Best news I've heard in quite a while! This just makes “Remember Me” even better, if that's even possible.

  7. Your comments are there now. I had the same question earlier today. I'm just so happy it's working again! 🙂

  8. LOL! I was gonna tell ya…I think your the first wolfpack to comment on ToR.. i'm gonna give you a special Rob button to put on.. lol!

  9. it's approved!

  10. Oh yeah!!!!I can handle a sexy Rob button…. can it be Rob on the rug but the slight butt crack… that the only picture of Rob that made me wanna go HUBBA HUBBA!

  11. Oh with him laying on the sheep skin!THUD!!!

  12. thanks I see :)I was wondering what I was going on… I know I have potty mouth but still 😉

  13. You have a potty mouth? UNDERSTATEMENT!!! *runs away before TSH can react*

  14. *winks*Thats why you love me so much!! Admit it!! LOL

  15. LOL Since errr this morning LOL

  16. *hangs head* Yes… Yes I do. That's why you hold the title Queen of Smut. I am but a humble student to your teachings. ROTFL

  17. It's awesome right! Woo Hoo! =)

  18. Yep I have to whitelist you first. Same as it was with ToR 😉 Approve the first comment.

  19. Oh come on…. I'm not that bad am I?!LOL


  21. yes I hold that title in great esteem!!

  22. I LOVE IT! Who would have thought that I could be so happy seeing all those emails in my inbox?? It was worth the wait! Doesn't it feel great to see you've got 22 comments already on one post? I've missed that.

  23. It's something we just started using..

  24. Okay than it's not my lack of proper use of internet in the last 3 days. LOL

  25. Now we have TSPs and ToR to hide in! Haha

  26. What's TSP? lol!

  27. LOL! Here ya go.. Wear it around ToR with ROB PRIDE! xD

  28. Maybe TSH will allow me to comment over here on TOR and not tell me to bugger off like she does in the TSPs

  29. You're approved. Why are you still complaining lol 😉

  30. lol! Yeah you are!

  31. Bahaha TSH wearing a Rob Pride button. I need to take a picture of this & post it on FB.

  32. *waves*HOWDY!!!!

  33. I thought you were making me work for it… Haha

  34. Ha! Maybe she will manage to post a single comment instead of 50 at a time & announcing our sectrets to the world! LOL

  35. Secret hidey places.. *giggles*

  36. Hey! *waves* so many familiar faces here! 🙂

  37. oh.. that kind.. lol!

  38. LOL! Do it…*hands H2B camera..

  39. Yep! Isn't it nice!I stalked the site before but once LTCB became a blogger & learning how effing funny Faker Paris was, I just HAD to stick around. How are you? Any probs with the ash?

  40. Yeah I stalked the site before too! 🙂 I'm fine, the airports here are closed til tomorrow… I think… How are you? Everything ok? 🙂

  41. I had 60 e-mails in my inbox o.O

  42. Well that's a good idea lol.

  43. 1-2-3 lol

  44. You..you sadist! Lmfao *Performs a jig while juggling & making balloon animals*Your impressed arent you? I know, Im good. 😉

  45. Wow! o.O So you trained for an audition of Water for Elephants? LOL =P

  46. Of course. I saw something about them needing 'kinky' people? So yeah…. 😉

  47. LOL I think they ment bendy people. You're getting confuzled. You weren't white listed. I just added you 😉

  48. Im using you to test out my disqus comments here… no need to reply… ;)testing testing 123 alpha beta foxtrot tango sound check.. *taps mic* Is this thing working?

  49. Same thing.. HAHA Im in? Yes! *air punch*

  50. lol

  51. Red rover red rover we call over…SPARKS!!!

  52. LOL It works! *HIGH5*

  53. *booty bumps*Woop woop. Just another place to hang out & chat LOL.

  54. Yeah, specially when things get a little….tense 😉 LOL

  55. Lol!

  56. Amen sistah!

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