Rob & a Fan at Lizzy Pattinson's show tonight – 22/04/10   9 comments

via Taimuller @ Pattinsonlife

Posted April 22, 2010 by natalienw in Robert Pattinson

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9 responses to “Rob & a Fan at Lizzy Pattinson's show tonight – 22/04/10

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  2. Lucky girl!! Brazilian like me!! Rob having fun at Lizzie`s show in London. It is so good seeing him relaxing before the filming of WFE, he is so cute holding the glass of beer, his smile, adorable!! I love Rob!!

  3. I know this is the strangest thing to notice .. but that beer is sooo yellow! 😉 I guess it's just so vibrant against the gray of his shirt. Anyway… yeah… RELAX TIME!!! Especially coming here to the states to film.. Paparazzi .. <~~ It's a BAD word!

  4. OMG He looks awesome!!! Thanks!!!Jolene Huges from Colombia!

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  6. I noticed the yellowness of the beer too. It probably pops because everything else in the pic so so drab…lots of black, gray and tan. The B on his hat is bright too. I love seeing him with fans…just makes me wish it was me! LOL

  7. Lucky girl !

  8. B… for BEER. 😉 I didn't notice the cap until you mentioned it. Yep, the beer and the B are the only color in the photo.

  9. So nice to see a new picture of Rob! What a lucky young woman. Thanks for posting it. Sometimes I wonder how he keeps his cool and is always so gracious to everyone.

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