Gossip Cop Confirmed: Robert Pattinson to Appear on "Ellen" in May   10 comments

Robert Pattinson is set to take another bite out of daytime.

The Eclipse vampire will join Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in an episode airing Wednesday, May 19, Gossip Cop can confirm. It will be taped the previous day.

It isn’t the first “Ellen” engagement for Pattinson. The star appeared on the program back in November while promoting New Moon. That was the interview in which he described a woman in a public crowd getting naked to get his attention.


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10 responses to “Gossip Cop Confirmed: Robert Pattinson to Appear on "Ellen" in May

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  2. Aaaah I loooooooove Ellen! So excited that he'll be on Ellen again! *does a happy dance*

  3. Two of my favorite Rob interviews ever are the Ellen ones. She is a riot and asks great questions. I loved his appearance in 2008, but last year's was just amazing. Rob's reaction to the audience's adulation of him totally moved me. If you didn't love him before, you sure couldn't help but love him after that. He is so freaking humble, so endearing. I can't wait to see this.

  4. I totally agree with you!! Last year in Ellen show, in the beginning he was like really shy and laughing when the screaming for him wouldn't stop~He is just totally adorable~

  5. Would I be able to find this in Ellen archives? I want to see, I want to see. 😉 I'm sure the person in the crowd getting naked DID get his attention.. 😉 ha! What people will do for some peep time. 😉 Gotta love it.

  6. You can find both Ellen interviews on youtube, some better quality than others, and I think they are in several parts. I would think they would be on the Ellen web site, too.

  7. Humble is always one of the words that comes to mind when I think of Rob. I do see one difference in him from 2008 to 2009 and forward. He is much more guarded. In the 2008 interviews he is less reserved, more free spirited – not finding the word I am looking for right now. For instance if you watch him at the 2008 Comic Con and then the 2009 Comic Con, there is a huge difference – he is much quieter and more thoughtful, and well, guarded in what he says. There just aren't enough superlative words to describe this wonderful, young man. I think he handles himself beautifully in all the chaos that surrounds him. He is humble, witty, funny, charming, talented, not to mention gorgeous, and I have never seen him unfriendly or rude to anyone. He doesn't flaunt his fame or wealth at all. Heck, weren't we all shocked yesterday to see him in new jeans? (Sorry, I did see those pictures – I am a fan of many sites on FB) I think many young actors could learn a thing or two from him.

  8. I love the Ellen Show.. It's the only american program that I follow in a regular way, she made a very great interviews with big style. And this combine with our adorable and shy Rob.. it's a nuclear bomb.

  9. I was just watching 'The View' and Rob and Emilie were guests promoting Remember Me. Rob really looked comfortable discussing the movie. He has come a long ways from the days of sitting Indian style with Kristen and Nikki in Canada promoting Twilight. He always gives a wonderful interview, always polite, with a sense of humor. You never hear a negative thing from him. He has the respect and love of his fans. He hasn't changed much from his appearance on the Ellen Show….still the same personable guy.

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