Poll: What's Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie Looks   148 comments

Another poll for you guys this morning 😉 What’s your favorite Robert Pattinson Movie Look? Leave a comment to let us know and we’ll tally the totals. I didn’t add Rings of the Nibelungs as not many people have seen it.

Harry Potter – Cedric Diggory


Toby Jugg – The Haunter Airman


Daniel Gale – The Bad Mother’s Handbook


Art Freeman – How to Be


Salvador Dali – Little Ashes


The Summer House


Edward Cullen – The Twilight Saga


Tyler Hawkins – Remember Me


Georges DuRoy – Bel Ami


Jacob Jankowski – Water for Elephants


148 responses to “Poll: What's Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie Looks

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  1. This is so hard but for me it would have to be Tyler Hawkins.

    My #2 would be as Jacob Jankowski & #3 George DuRoy Bel Ami

    • Defenately Tyler! Cause he looks like Rob himself 😉 #2 Jacob WfE cause I love the look of that time, the clothes and he’s tan! =)

  2. Edward Cullen ❤

    Edward Cullen ❤

    Edward Cullen ❤

    Edward Cullen ❤

    Edward Cullen ❤

    Edward Cullen ❤

  3. Oh dear… that´s a lot…
    “How to be” was without words…
    “Remember me” was great…
    “WFE” will be fantastic…

    But my favorite is “ECLIPSE”

  4. Wow tough one!!! Either Tyler Hawkins or Jacob Jankowski…

    I’ve to pick Tyler. Man, that Rob look is a killer.

  5. Jacob Jankowski ❤

    Can't wait for #WFE

  6. Tyler, no doubts here 🙂

  7. On looks alone.. Water for Elephants.

    On the creation of a character.. Little Ashes.

  8. Initially, I would say Edward, but I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Jacob so he would have to be my choice.

  9. 1 – Tyler
    2 – Robowski
    3 – Twi-ward

  10. At first I wanted to say Edward, but actually I like his looks in “Twilight” & partly in “Eclipse”, but not in “New Moon”. So I guess it’s Jacob in WFE

  11. Tyler.
    Or Edward.
    Okay, Tyler is my #1, #2 Edward and #3 is Jacob.

  12. Tyler ❤ but I need to see Robowski on big screen eheh

  13. Good poll! I’m seeing all the Rob characters together and I realize that he look great with all the looks ^^ I’m between Edward-Tyler-Jacob….the curt hair really feels good to him, I love it 🙂 but if I must vote one,let me think…I think I choose Tyler, I don’t know, I really love this character and his look on this movie 🙂

  14. TYLER ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s the best!
    #2 Robowski and #3DuRob (:

  15. i think i like best as edward cullen .. next would be as tyler

  16. Edward first, then Jacob, Georges, Tyler.

  17. I have got to say Tyler Hawkins … although I like the Robowski look as well. This is really a though decision. Can’t I say I like them all ? :-p

  18. wow, this is sooo hard… I loved Rob in every movie…um…Tyler? Jacob? Or Edward??
    OK I’VE PICK……EDWARD CULLEN!! Haha, his brooding face was super HOT!! Lol 😀

  19. I’m so glad to see that everyone else is as undecided as I am. I drool over different things in different pics!

    For me, it’s a toss up between Toby Jugg and Tyler Hawkins, but Tyler wins because, to me, he looks most like the real Rob. And there’s nothing like the real Rob!! Swoon.

  20. hmmmmm…..sighs…..thud!! for sure it would have to be water for elephants 🙂

  21. oh God this is sooo hard! I love Rob in every movie…Tyler…Edward..Jacob..
    But I’ve pick EDWARD CULLEN!!! His brooding face was super HOT! Lol 😀

  22. Tyler… over all!!!!!

  23. thats easy 😉 Rob looks super Hot as Jacob in Water for elephants!!! and next is him in Remember me 🙂

  24. 1.) Tyler Hawkins by far.
    2.) Edward Cullen in the first movie
    3.) Jacob Jankowski, but of course more material is needed badly….!

    Tyler wins the contest easily as – even if he´s fiction – he comes close to reality and to real Robert!

  25. While Eddie will always have a special place in my heart…I have to go with Jacob Jankowski.

  26. WFE then Edward then Cedric then Txler

  27. On looks alone:

    I’m torn between EclipseEdward and Robowski. My #3 is Tyler.

  28. I have to go for Edward Cullen but I knid of love them all.

  29. I Love all Rob’s Movie looks .. But if i have to choose i will choose :
    1. Edward Cullen 2. Edward Cullen 3. Edward Cullen 4. Edward Cullen 5. Edward Cullen 6. Edward Cullen and Edward Cullen always … XO

  30. Tyler is my first choice. I would have picked Edward in the Eclipse picture because he is so beautiful there but I didn’t like the white face red lips makeup in New Moon and the choice was Edward in the series.

  31. 1. Tyler Hawkins (he reminds me real Robert)
    2. Jacob Jankowski (can’t wait to see the movie!!!)
    3. Edward Cullen in Twilight

  32. 1. Jacob Jankowski
    2. Tyler Hawkins
    3. Edward Cullen (Eclipse)

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  34. Definitely >>> Tyler Hawkins!!!

  35. Hummm, Edward? Georges? No, I guess I will choose JACOB JANKOWSKI. That look could kill!

    Cintia Figueiredo
  36. Tyler in Remember Me!

  37. well.. we haven’t seen it yet but i’m sure it’s gonna be WFE
    but my favourite between realesed ones; (eventhough i like TWIGLIGHT and REMEMBER ME very much) i’m ganna go with HOW TO BE,yes it is a unique one

    • ouch apperantly i didn’t read the post.sorry

      normally i would say Edward,Tyler or Jacob
      but today i feel for Art or Daniel Gale…luv me some aDORKable Rob

  38. I think it will be Jacob Jankowski for me since I love that character and the book so much and Robert has really captured, at least in the looks department, my conception of him – we will see if the acting part measures up, but I have a feeling it will. Next would have to be Tyler and then Edward from Eclipse.

  39. 1.Tyler
    6.Daniel,Art and Dali.

  40. Water For Elephants all the way!!
    I wish he would keep this hair cut after BD ! 🙂

  41. Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen … Edward Cullen …
    but he really looks gorgeous in WFE … but my choice would still be
    Edward Cullen …

  42. I loved every look of Rob, but I really can`t choose between tyler and jacob.

  43. right now its tyler but i think that’ll change after ive seen wfe/bel ami

  44. Tyler Hawkins mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  45. That´s a really hard question…. *taps chin*

    But I would say…. Tybert owns my heart & Robowski my ass….

    Does that count??? 🙂

  46. I would have initially said Edward, but his looks changed from each movie in the saga and the first two had way too much makeup. My choice would be Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me. Too sexy for words.

  47. It’s really hard to decide…I think I love the most his Jacob look, it’s amazing, but I love the others too.
    So, 1-Jacob

  48. Hm… Deffinitely Toby Jugg. The picture with a spider on his cheek makes me come 🙂

  49. Tyler Hawkins! but Jacob Jankowski is going to be tough competition!

  50. We are only talking about looks, right?! Well, this is really hard, because Rob always looks gorgeous, but I think I’ll go for Tyler, because he looks the most like Rob in real life. I’m getting used to Rob’s shorter hair now and I think that Jacob comes in second place and Edward (Eclipse) and Georges Duroy have to share the third place.

  51. OMG!! this is so tough I love ROB in every movie .. ROB makes a perfect Edward even though Edward made ROB popular; Tyler is close to real ROB … and Jacob jankowski is also good . I have read the book while reading I can see that this role is made for him and only him .. so im torn between Edward ../Tyler / Jacob .. even Georges Duroy is something
    I will go ..
    #1. Edward Cullen
    #2. Tyler Hawkins
    #3. Jacob Jankowski

    Who ever wins the poll .. I love ROB in every ROLE .. ❤ ❤

  52. I love Edward but as far as looks is concerned, i’m between ‘Tyler’ and ‘Jacob’ emmmm i’ll go for TYLER from Remember me. Although I’m sure i’ll change my mind after watching Water For Elephants

  53. Salvador Dalí , Tyler Hawkins and Edward Cullen, those are my favorites ! But the best of all is Robert Pattinson as himself =D

  54. 1-Tyler Hawkins
    2-Jacob Jankowski
    3-Georges Duroy

  55. #1 = Tyler
    #2 = Edward in Twilight
    #3 = Edward in Eclipse

  56. This is so hard!! First of all, he looks good in ALL his movies 🙂
    Fell in love with him as Edward first so I have to choose that one…but Tyler is my 2nd choice…he was soo HOT in Remember Me!

  57. Is it just me or is Tyler getting a LOT of votes?

  58. Most Definitely Edward Cullen Eclipse!!!

    I also loved him in the Haunted Airman

    My 3rd one is the Naughty George in BelAmi:)

  59. #1 Edward
    #2 Tyler
    #3 Jacob

  60. Tyler, first choice…because well he is playing a human…just saying. 🙂
    Edward in Eclipse, second choice.

  61. JACOB. Without a doubt.

  62. Before WFE, I would have said Eclipse Edward is my favorite, but Jacob is just so hot.

    So, my top 3 are:
    1. Jacob
    2. Edward
    3. Dali

  63. God, this is difficult! I’m completely lost: Edward, Tobby, Cedric, Tyler, Jacob… Rob looks great in all this films… Ok, I can do it.

    1- Edward (Eclipse)
    2- Jacob
    3- It’s a tie between Tobby and Tyler.. Rob’s face in the haunted airman just kills me every time, and the look in remember me it’s simply Rob

  64. #1 Tyler Hawkins
    #2 Edward Cullen (twilight and eclipse edition) :p
    #3 Cedric Diggory or Jacob Jankowski

  65. #1 – Jacob
    #2 – Tyler
    #3 – Edward

  66. I love Tyler look cause is more like himself but I like very much Edward in New Moon, his look was AWESOME in Moltepulcciano’s scenes AWWWW! And I like Robowsky too so….

    1.Edward (New Moon)

  67. 1- jacob WFE
    2- tyler REMEMBER ME
    3- edward TWILIGHT

  68. Jacob but I love first Rob in his real life, in the interviews : the best character he plays is himself !

  69. Edward alll the waayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. It’s hard to choose :s

    I’m Team Tyler forever !

    But Richard and Jacob are really really sexy ! And Georges too…


    Ok, i say Tyler !!!!

  71. Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen and Edward Cullen all the way.. mmuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

  72. Okay, I had to actually think about this one.

    My #1 is easy –> Jacob Jankowski. Love Rob in the shorter hair, all tanned and buff.

    And, well, you didn’t ask for numbers 2 & 3, but here they are:

    #2 –> Tyler Hawkins

    #3 –> Eclipse Edward

  73. In order of preference, my favorites are:

    1. Edward
    2. Jacob
    3. Tyler
    4. Toby
    5. Cedric

  74. No.1 Tyler
    No.2 Jacob
    No.3 Edward

  75. It’s hard to choose until I’ve seen all the movies. Eclipse Edward is gasp-worthy. (All those closeups. . .wow! Eyelash porn!) But I love him as Tyler, too. (Whether it was his looks or the sweetness of the character he portrayed in RM, I’m not sure.) I’ll probably change my mind once I’ve seen Water for Elephants and Bel Ami, but for now, it’s Eclipse Edward.

  76. Harry Pot ter — Cedric Diggory

  77. Well right now my fave is Tyler but I have a strong feeling that Jacob is going to still his thunder. I can’t wait for WFE. I do still love Twilight Edward though. 😉

  78. Jacob .Rob all dirty tanned and looking buffer than ever before .So hot

  79. #1 Edward, #2 Daniel, #3 Tyler

  80. 1- jacob (didn’t expect him to look so good with short hair)
    2 – tyler (it’s like the real rob)
    3 – twilight edward (the bouffant)

  81. Tie btwn WFE’s Jacob, and RM’s Tyler. Then Edward Cullen. And I have to say that Art in HTB is another good look. I think his long hair shows off his #JawPorn quiet well. 😉

    But I have to say, he doesn’t look bad in any of them, and that there will always be a special place in my heart for Rob as Cedric, b/c that’s what started it all with me!

  82. Jacob-WFE
    followed oh so closely by
    “THE MAN” Edward Cullen-Twilight Saga
    😀 Good Poll!

  83. Jacob… followed very closely by Tyler.

    I am so excited for WFE.

  84. My favorite films with Robert Pattinson, it’s Tyler Hawkins “Remember me” and Toby Jugg “The Haunter Airman”. Really all Roberts films is amazing!!!

  85. EDWARD!god people aren’t voting for him.

  86. I would say when I saw him for the first time, Cedric Diggory. Unforgettable.

  87. Georges DuRoy

  88. Jacob then Tyler

  89. Votes so far:

    Tyler: 34
    Jacob: 28
    Edward: 20
    Cedric: 2
    Art: 1
    Toby: 1
    Dali: 1
    Georges: 1

  90. It’s so difficult choose… but

    1- Edward Cullen — The Twi light Saga
    2- Tyler Hawkins — Remem ber Me
    3- Jacob Jankowski — Water for Elephants

  91. Jacob, from Water for Elephants.

    But I confess it was almost an impossible mission to choose the best look because Rob is perfect as Georges Duroy/Bel Ami ( my second choice ) and I love so much Tyler/RM and Salvador Dalí/Little Ashes ( my third choice ) and finally, Art/How to be and Edward/Eclipse are cute too ( my fourth choice ).
    Time passes and Rob becomes better and better.

  92. I definitely love in Remember Me

  93. 1) Tyler Hawkins
    2) Jacob Jankowski
    3) Edward Cullen, Twilight

  94. As hard as this is, because I love Tyler, I’m going to have to go with Jacob, HELLO sexspenders for most of the movie!!!!

  95. Tyler for surrre 😀 But I actually really like Daniel, I love that rainbow sweater he wears in one scene, he looks adorable. Tyler and Jacob are my favorites though 🙂

  96. #1 The bad boy DuRob:D
    #2 Taybert

  97. Edward from Eclipse at this time. Im guessing Jacob will be my future favorite.

  98. Jacob!!!! i loove his smile 🙂 it makes me smile and giggle 🙂

  99. Tyler: 37
    Jacob: 31
    Edward: 22
    Cedric: 2
    Georges: 2
    Art: 1
    Toby: 1
    Dali: 1

  100. I thought for long time because it’s so dificult but this is my vote:

    1– Edward Cullen — The Twi light Saga (he’s so handsome, cute and mysterious)
    2 – Georges DuRoy — Bel Ami ( I think that he’s very sexy and lovely)
    3– Jacob Jankowski — Water for Elephants (I love his cut hair. He looks so diferent that the other movies)
    4– Tyler Hawkins — Remember Me (He’s handsome but nothing special or better he’s normal)

  101. 1 Tyler
    2 Jacob
    3 Art

  102. remember me

  103. Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!

  104. I can’t even pick a favorite, so I’m going to do my top 5.

    1- Tyler Hawkins
    2- Robowski
    3- Georges DuRoy
    4- Edward
    5- Daniel Gale

  105. 1) Tyler
    2) Jacob
    3) Art

  106. 1)Jacob
    3)Daniel (I know, dorky, but so sweet he’s cute!!)

  107. I’ll take him any way I can get him…..LOL
    Ahhhhh Edward

  108. I just Love *Rob* he is beyond beautiful in every movie he has been in…don’t think I can choose

  109. of all the characters i love edward the most; but it has more to do with the book. as for rob himself, I’ll go with tyler.

    so: tyler.

  110. Tyler: 42
    Jacob: 32
    Edward: 25
    Cedric: 2
    Georges: 2
    Art: 1
    Toby: 1
    Dali: 1

  111. Wow so tough, I’m gonna have to say Jacob even though we haven’t seen it yet. And Edward and Tyler would tie for #2 for me.

  112. Impossible to choose.

    I think I will love BelAmi, because I have a weakness for bad boys.
    WFE he just looks amazing.
    Tyler in Remember Me- unbelievable

    My Edward gave me Rob so he will always be first in my heart.

  113. 1-. Jacob Jankowski
    2-. Tyler
    3-. edward (eclipse)
    4-. Georges DuRoy

  114. he is wonderfull in all but I vote Remember me Tyler is the most beatiful guy in the world.

  115. Jacob Jankowski…..He looks perfect!

  116. 1: Tyler Hawkins
    2: Edward Cullen (All)
    3: Cedric Diggory
    4: Jacob Jankowski
    5: Georges DuRoy
    6: Sal­vador Dali
    7: Art Freeman
    8: Toby Jugg
    9: Daniel Gale
    10: the summer house

  117. Well…so difficult! I love Edward… adore Dali’and melt before Tyler, but… I’ll go for George… since I already know I’ll be crazy about him! George, George Duroy!

  118. Tyler: 45 (from a vote posted in a reply above)
    Jacob: 35
    Edward: 25
    Georges: 3
    Cedric: 2
    Art: 1
    Toby: 1
    Dali: 1

  119. That’s a tough one
    but I would say:
    1-Tyler ( Remember me )
    2-George ( Bel Ami)
    3-Jacob ( WFE)
    4-Edward ( Twilight Saga)
    then the rest, but Tyler will always comes 1st,because it is how Robert Pattinson looks like in reality .

  120. I THINK 1.Jacob 2. Tyler 3. Georges 4. Edward

  121. Definitely Cedric. 🙂

  122. Tyler Hawkins — Remem­ber Me

    so cute and the story..oh my good .. in this one he looks more naturaly i prefer this

  123. Tyler, Jacob, and Edward are my top 3!

  124. ditto DreamySim:

    1 — Robowski
    2 — Tyler Hawkins
    3 — Twi-ward

    Yummmmmmmmm and then….. THUD

  125. 1: Jacob Jankowski
    2: Edward Cullen (Eclipse & Twilight- wasn’t crazy about NM Edward!)
    3: Tyler Hawkins
    4: Georges DuRoy
    5: Cedric Dig­gory

  126. oooh thats tough…if I HAVE to pick just one I’d go with….WFE

  127. Okay it’s really complicated but for me are 1) Tyler Hawkins (Remember me), 2)Edward Cullen (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and 3) Georges DuRoy (Bel Ami)

  128. Tyler!!!!!! of course I like them all

  129. TYLER HAWKINS! for sure! No doubt about it!

  130. SALVADOR DALì !!! AND CEDRIC DIGGORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *.*

  131. Tyler: 51 (from a vote posted in a reply above)
    Jacob: 39
    Edward: 25
    Georges: 3
    Cedric: 3
    Dali: 2
    Art: 1
    Toby: 1

  132. I would have to say first pick would be Jacob in WFE, second would be Tyler in Remember Me and third is Edward.


    Tyler: 52
    Jacob: 39
    Edward: 25
    Georges: 3
    Cedric: 3
    Dali: 2
    Art: 1
    Toby: 1

  134. Tyler – RM yum yum and Jacob WFE – cannot wait!!

  135. 1 edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward edward

    2 tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler

    3 jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob jacob

  136. 1) Tyler
    2) Georges
    3) Edward (Eclipse)
    4) Jacob
    5) Art
    6) Salvador
    7) Daniel
    8) Tobby
    9) Cedric
    10)Richard (the summer…)

    And if he has more and more, the only thing I do is sorting the list, but all characters are good for me!!!

  137. ROB looks good in all characters !!!

  138. Edward Cullen e Tyler Hawkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  139. EDWARD, EDWARD, EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    then tyler
    next would have 2 b jacob
    then cedric
    but who r we kidding he looks hot in every movie he is in!!!!

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