Question of the Day: What Are Your Thoughts on Juliette Binoche Joining Cosmopolis?   22 comments

We learned earlier today that Juliette Binoche would be joining the cast of Cosmopolis. We’re not quite sure yet which role she’ll be taking on.

Our question for you guys today is what are your thoughts on the casting?

Leave your opinion in the comments!

22 responses to “Question of the Day: What Are Your Thoughts on Juliette Binoche Joining Cosmopolis?

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  1. Depending on the role I think Juliette could be a good casting choice.

    I think it’s great that Rob gets to play alongside so many actors. In Water for Elephants and in Cosmopolis.

  2. So let me start this one by answering: I see a lot of comments floating around that she is too old. Not sure why, because it’s not clear what part she is going to play in the movie yet. I haven’t read the book or script but professionaly its a great thing that she’s going to do a movie with Robert Pattinson. She played some award-winning movies and has been nominated for a lot too. So yeah: Rob’s carreer is not depending on playing with award winning actors and actresses, but it sure will help his carreer in some way or form

  3. She’s awesome!!! Giamatti, Binoche… Rob is gonna be surrounded by a great cast!!!
    I dunno what will be Juliette’s role, but let’s not forget there are 5 woman at this movie and she can play 3 of them perfectly…

  4. In the book none of the women have ‘major’ roles. However, surely casting someone of Binoche’s caliber would seem to be a big plus. And she’s the right age to play the part of Didi, the art dealer. Very good news IMO.

  5. Do think she will be great in this…but not too sure as his wife. As mentioned there are several other women she can play. For some reason I envision a few European actors being cast in this, mainly because of its European production company, Alfama.

  6. Binoche is the only actress to win the Euorpean triple crown at Cannes, Venice and Berlin. She also has an Oscar, Bafta, Cesar and three European Film Awards. She has worked with so many great directors: Godard, Techine Carax, Malle, Kieslowski, Minghella, Akerman, Boorman, Haneke, Ferrara, Hou, Assayas and Kiarostami. Her credentials speak for themselves.

    As for her age, well she seems to embrace age and certainly doesn’t hide it. Cronenberg and Pattinson have arguably brought the best screen actress in the world onboard!

  7. i love her.
    so, i am very glad she didi join and would work with rob.
    it’s gonna be great!
    she was in the movie “Wuthering Heights” in 1992 with Ralph Fiennes. that movie was awesome!
    they both played so well and reminded me the relationship with bella and eaward.
    juliette was so sweet and lovable, and Ralph was so passionate but cruel..well, anyhow, i cant wait to start filming…
    i reaaly want rob to enjoy this project. :))

  8. she is too old for him, just like Reese is. It’s not believable enough now for me to get into the movie, just like WFE will be hard to watch -eye twitches; js ._.

  9. we dont know which role she’ll be playing yet, but she is a great actress and her being cast (in whichever role) can only be a good thing. it shows how good this movie is going to be. great casting for rob, paul and her. this will really prove robs acting skills to the doubters (cast director wouldnt have cast him otherwise), acting along side established and award winning actors (loved her in chocolat btw..)

  10. they are fortunate to have such an amazing actress on board. she is talented and beautiful, and will add real depth to the movie

  11. I loved her in Chocolat with Johnny Depp! One of my favorite movies. I have no idea who she’s going to play either. I bought “Cosmopolis” as soon as I heard Rob was going to star in it, and I have yet to finish it. Very unlike me, I love to read, but this book has just not captivated me. I had the same problem with “Bel Ami” and eventually finished it. Now if I had a script of “Cosmopolis”, I might change my mind, lol.

    • LOL I think we all wish we had the Cosmopolis script 😉

    • Don’t you like “Bel Ami”? I couldn’t stop reading it. Same with “WFE”… I read the “Cosmopolis” synopsis and I have no interest in reading the book.

      • i read WFE script and loved it. same with Bel Ami. but have only got half way with Cosmopolis book. trying to force myself to finish it, if only so i know the story/characters.

      • I absolutely loved “WFE” – read the book twice and the script. I liked the script for “Bel Ami”, but the book was a hard read for me – did not capture my interest – it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Maybe it was the translation, I don’t know. Let me put it this way, the script was hot, the book was not, lol. I have picked up “Cosmopolis” a couple of times, but I keep putting it down and reading other books.

  12. I adore her, always have and would be very happy to see her in this film. I thought she would have been great for Bel Ami.

  13. I love that he’s getting to work with people of great caliber. I think that says a lot about how he is perceived in the business.

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