*IMPORTANT* A Note About Wallpapers on ToR   10 comments


Here at ToR we’re all about sharing. Many people send us wallpapers that we post for your personal use. As you know DreamySim1 , who is part of ToR, is a great designer. She’s also the one who makes all our banners, signs, designs etc…   She makes many wallpapers for the site. Such as the one below she made back in December.

As we mentioned above the wallpapers are posted for personal uses, therefore we don’t mind if you use them. What we do mind however is this:

When the wallpaper is used for commercial purposes and the artist (in this case DreamySim1) is not 1) contacted to give authorization for the use of their art 2) Not even credited. 

If you use wallpapers posted on this site for commercial purposes we ask you to please contact the wallpaper maker to ask their authorization and to give them credit for the work they’ve done. It’s the least you can do when you use someone else’s work. 


Posted April 30, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

10 responses to “*IMPORTANT* A Note About Wallpapers on ToR

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  1. very well said! people shouldn’t be using wallpapers or any other content without the owners permission!

  2. I totally agree. These wall papers are brilliant and take lots of time to make. So people should respect that and only use them for their personal use. Thank you Dreamysin for sharing all the wallpapers that you make for Rob fans to use.

  3. How unfortunate for Dreamy, to have the excitement of having her banner being used for a worldwide article tempered with disappointment because it was “stolen” to put it there!

  4. Indeed! I always appreciate that ToR is a leader in proper attribution amongst the fan sites and should be given the same respsect (i.e. using “via USA Today” instead of just “via” or “source”).

    Did you contact the publication? They should send DreamSim1 a few hundred copies for tear sheets for her portfolio at least and publish a correction addendum.

    Wasn’t this a Pennsylvania publication as well? Wonder if the Star Tribune authorized the grabbing of the review as well.

  5. Ugh! That’s awful. I’m so sorry Sim hon. 😦 I hope they give you credit or some sort of recognition sooner rather than later. That should have been a fantastic and exciting moment to see your work in a publication but instead this? So sad and frustrating. I hope they get back to you babes. *hugs*

  6. If they don’t reply to you Dreamy, then I think that as a community we should petition them to correct their “error” and post an apology!

    We love your work and are behind you 100%!! :o)

  7. So sad that this occurred – out-right thievery. Please let us know Dreamy if they get back to you and I certainly will join any petition for them to correct this error.

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