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*VIDEO* Rob talks about fans waiting outside the WFE set and crying when Tai wrapped in an interview with   Leave a comment

Rob’s interview in the beginning of the video and after Reese’s interview.

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Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon on Steve Wright (BBC2)   Leave a comment

Steve Wright in The Afternoon on BBC2 has Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon visiting today.

Here’s a link to listen live on BBC’s radio: Steve Wright in The Afternoon

Listen here to the interview

Here’s the audio in MP3 – Click here to download : RobertPattinson-BBC2-WFE

*VIDEO* Robert, Reese, Christoph and Francis Lawrence Interview with Allocine (France)   1 comment

Rob’s interview starts around 2:50

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Red Carpet interview

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Pictures of Robert & Reese on The Graham Norton Show   3 comments

First pictures of Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon on The Graham Norton Show. Which will air this Friday, on BBC1 at 10:40PM (UK Time). Also features actor Hugh Laurie & comedian Shappi Khorsandi

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AOLUK Interview with Robert on London WfE Red Carpet   2 comments

AOLUK Interviews with Water For Elephants cast on the London premiere red carpet


*VIDEO* Westfield London TV and Sky News Red Carpet Coverage and Robert Pattinson Interview at the WFE London Premiere   1 comment

Westfield London Red Carpet Coverage

Here’s a new red carpet video


From Sky News:
Robert Pattinson says he still lives a normal life – some of the time – and is not worried about life after Twilight.

The star of the teen franchise was speaking at the premiere of his new film Water for Elephants, with the usual hordes of screaming fans in tow.
Westfield Shopping Centre in London was packed with R Patz fans desperate to catch a glimpse of the actor and unconcerned the film was not part of the Twilight saga.

Some had queued for over 32 hours and one group had travelled from Italy to be at the premiere of the film, which also stars Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

Pattinson’s co-stars explained his appeal. “He has a sun in his smile, he lights up everything – it’s amazing, it’s beautiful,” they said.

He definitely appeared less overwhelmed than he was at the first couple of Twilight premieres.

Pattinson told Sky News the madness has become easier to take: “You never get used to it but it does lose its novelty and you do adapt to it. I’m not overwhelmed by it anymore.”

But he said he has yet to master the art of disguise: “I could wear a mask and people would still recognise me.”

Pattinson posed with fans at the premiere
So can he still do normal things like buy a paper or go for a pint?
“Yes I can still do normal stuff – it just depends where you go – you can’t go anywhere with screaming girls!”
In Water for Elephants R Patz stars as Jacob, a veterinary student who falls in love with a star performer in a circus played by Witherspoon.
She told Sky News: “I have a feeling (tonight) is more about Rob than me. It’s been a unique experience and something I’ve never seen before. I just turn to him and say ‘have you ever seen a premiere like this before?’ and he goes ‘yeah, yeah I have’.”
Waltz added: “(The fans) they’re not crazy at all. They’re enjoying themselves, that’s a different form of partying and it’s really contagious and they’re lovely.” So on the strength of the turnout at the premiere it looks as if Pattinson has a life beyond the Twilight Zone.
He said he is reasonably relaxed about the future and not concerned with type casting.
“I’m not worried about it. I won’t be until it happens – and it’s not happening yet”.

Water for Elephants is now on general release.


New Fan Video and fan pics of Robert Pattinson at the WFE Premiere in London   Leave a comment

Signed ToR signs!

Thanks @vampirefreak101 for sharing these with us!

*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson Red Carpet Interview with Eleven UK   Leave a comment

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Ok, we admit it. We were just ever so slightly giddy at the thought of meeting Robert Pattinson at the London premiere of his new movie Water For Elephants. Actually, that might be just the teeniest bit of an understatement.
We can confirm that he was every bit the gentleman we hoped he would be and even better looking in the flesh (if that’s possible). Yep, we got it bad.
Find out what he had to say about the film plus what he thought of the Royal Wedding in our exclusive video (above).
We also caught up with the likes of Marvin JLS, Rochelle from the Saturdays and the camptastic Harry from TOWIE who all revealed who their fantasy big screen co-star would be.


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Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon on ‘7PM Project’ – Australia TV show   1 comment

According to the Official 7PM Project Site, Rob & Reese will be appearing on the show this Friday night – 6th May.

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BBC 1 Newsbeat: “Robert Pattinson prefers romcoms over action films”   1 comment

From BBC  NewsBeat:

Robert Pattinson says he prefers making romantic comedies over CGI films because “they’re incredibly boring to make”.
Speaking ahead of the release of his new movie Water For Elephants, the British actor told Newsbeat that he’d much rather do romcoms.
“If you want to do big movies you have to do either big action explosion movies or you do romances because they’re the only things that get made,” he said.
“I think romances allow you to develop a character more. I hate working with computerised stuff. It’s incredibly boring.”

‘Boring to do’

Pattinson, who rose to fame after playing the role of vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, also had a dig at action films saying although he likes watching them, they’re boring to make.

Robert Pattinson on choosing to make Water For Elephants
He said: “If they’re just well written [I’d consider an action movie] but it’s not good writing most of the time.

“I enjoy watching them but it would be boring to do. You’ve basically got to do it if you want to be famous.”In Water For Elephants, the 24-year-old British actor plays a vet who runs away with a circus and falls in love with one of the performers, played by Reese Witherspoon.
He admitted that he decided to do the film after meeting the elephant used in the production.
“I met the elephant before I accepted the movie and before I’d read the script,” he said “It really was [the deal breaker].

Breaking Dawn

“I remember going home in the car waiting to read the script and I was like, ‘Please, please be good.’
“I’d basically already decided to do the movie not knowing anything about it just because I got on really well with the elephant and thought it was really fun.”
The actor also revealed that filming for the final Twilight films, Breaking Dawn parts one and two, has now finished.
“I’m sure we will have to do something,” he said. “We finished a week and a half ago. All done.
“Yeah, she (Kristen Stewart) loved that [wedding] scene. It’s a very girly scene.
“I do quite a few scenes with a baby and that’s quite odd. It’s so different in those movies because we were doing it with a real baby. But it was fun.”