Fox’s Full Statement Regarding the Purported Video of Tai Circulating on the Internet   1 comment

Here is Fox’s full statement regarding the purported video of Tai circulating on the internet. 

From 20thFoxCC

“A central message of  Water for Elephants is the condemnation of cruelty towards animals. Twentieth Century Fox feels strongly that we have taken every step to ensure that the film, while portraying the perception of animal abuse (often through digital effects), held in utmost importance the proper care and humane treatment of all animals involved in the production.  Fox and the filmmakers behind Water for Elephants are disturbed and saddened by the video being circulated that purportedly shows the elephant Tai being mistreated several years ago. We are strongly opposed to violence against animals, humans or any creatures.

“Fox is compelled to point out that this video was NOT taken during the training for, or production of, our film, and neither Tai nor any other animal performer in the film was harmed in any way during the making of this film.  In fact, the organization circulating this video claims it was taken in 2005, which was at least five years before the movie went into production and at least a year before the book on which the movie is based was even published. Moreover, a representative from the American Humane Association was on set and monitored every instance in which animals were used and can confirm that no animals, including Tai, were mistreated in any way.”

Source  &  20thFoxCC

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One response to “Fox’s Full Statement Regarding the Purported Video of Tai Circulating on the Internet

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  1. We all know the elaphant was not harmed in the film. If it happened it had nothing to do with the movie water For Elephants. Tai is so beautiful I hope she was not abused ever. If so It was in training and those trainers are the people to go after. Not the people that hired her for the movie. Robert loved her and took her jelly beans. Why try to hurt his film or any one involved in it.

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