Redbox is Giving ToR Readers The Chance to Win Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse Posters for Rob’s Birthday!   62 comments

Redbox is giving 3 lucky ToR readers the chance to win a Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse mini-poster (11×17) for Rob’s birthday! 

From Redbox: 

Although some may be dreading the potential bad luck of next Friday, May 13, Twilight series and Rob Pattinson fans across the country will be celebrating the actor’s 25th birthday.  Fans can always join the party by checking out his latest film in theatres, Water For Elephants, or renting one of the Twilight series flicks available at redbox locations nationwide. 

In honor of his birthday, consider the following fun fact attesting to the actor’s enormous popularity from redbox:    

Thanks in large part to dreamy RPatz, the Twilight Saga movies (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) have been rented more than 9 million times to date. In fact, Twilight Saga: Eclipsewas rented more than 1 million times during its first week in redbox kiosks.

With more than 27,000 DVD rental kiosks nationwide, redbox has immediate access to who’s hot in Hollywood at home.

The contest is for US citizens only. To enter leave a comment below and we’ll be numbering the comments and will pick 3 lucky winners using  . Please let us know in the comments which poster you’d prefer. 

*You have until tomorrow night, 9PM ET to enter*

Sometime it can take us a while to approve comments so be patient with us please 😉

See the other posters after the jump!

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62 responses to “Redbox is Giving ToR Readers The Chance to Win Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse Posters for Rob’s Birthday!

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  1. 1) twilight

  2. 2) The easy part is to leave a comment. The hardest part is to pick which poster.

    Although Eclipse was my favorite, let’s go with what started this long lasting cougar obsession of mine still going strong and say….. Twilight poster.

    Years later…that strut still gets to me. Sigh…….

  3. 3) i have to go with twilight

    Christina Nuccio
  4. 4) I love Redbox and Robert Pattinson!! Happy Birthday Rob!! I love all the posters but if I win I’d love to have Twilight one. Thanks for your awesome contests and very up to date fan site!

  5. 5) I love the twilight poster!! And It’s the only one without Jacob 🙂

    Crystal Loyola
  6. 6) the Twilight one would be my first choice, but I would accept any of them as I loved all three movies.

  7. 7) I’m here! I would love the chance to win a Twilight Poster. The original one would look great on my movie wall. And Happy B-Day Rob!! Lovin’ the site and all the updates on the WFE premiere’s. 🙂

  8. 8 ) I’m entering the contest. And if
    I win I would like the Twilight poster but I love them all 🙂

  9. 9) Tough choice! I’d probably say the New Moon poster would be my choice. I love those warm colors.

  10. 10) Ok, I’v been a visitor for over a year and I’m coming out for Rob’s b-day this year. What a great contest – love your site. I would really like to win the New Moon poster. I sweet talked my way into the Eclipse poster from Burger King last summer. LOL, no shame, only my husband was embarrassed.

  11. 11) I would LOVE to have the twilight poster….thank you!! 🙂

  12. 12) Even though I love all three movies, I still think the original is the best one. I think the story and movie truly did Twilight justice. I also feel New Moon was great and Eclipse, but the beginning of the Love story is always better.

    So I would Love the Twilight poster.

  13. 13) well if I would win ….. I would have to say the Eclipse one is my fav becuz he is staring right at you when you look at it….yummy….someone could get lost in those eyes…..

  14. 14) I love the Twilight poster

  15. 15) Twilight is something my daughter and I share together. We both have found our partner’s for life with our husbands and we love these books because it shows there is truly someone that you should share your life with. I’ve been married for 38 years to the love of my life! Any of the psoters would be great – I would give it to my daughter as a gift 🙂

  16. 16) Gotta love all of them.. it’s hard to pick which one…. but I guess I’d have to choose Twilight… Because that’s where it all started… the Love of Edward… and the Love for Robert ❤

  17. 17) All the posters are really cool, and being a huge Twilight fan I would like any of them but………the 1st one would have to be my favourite if I was made to choose !!xx.

  18. 18) Happy 25th Birthday Rob! I like the Eclipse Poster!

  19. 19) I would love any of the posters because I absolutely love the entire Twilight Saga!!! Happy Birthday Rob!! Hope you have a great 25th birthday!! Wish I could celebrate with you! xoxo

  20. 20) I love Rob and my daughter does too. I would love to win to poster for her. (That’s what I will tell my husband, at least) Ha ha ha! Happy birthday my sweet Rob!

  21. 21) How nice is this? and what interesting statistics, but then I know I watch one Twilight movie almost daily still.

    Now to pick a poster….hhhmm I’d say Twilight or Eclipse would be my choice. My boss would love a new Twilight poster in my office … hehehehehe!!!

    Crossing fingers and toes.

  22. 22) Thanks Redbox!

  23. 23) Happy birthday robert.. this would be cool to win:)

  24. 24) *waves* I love the Redbox, it’s quite literally the only way we can rent movies in town. With the exception of streaming online LOL I would love a poster for my lil’ brother’s home. HAHA I’ve dragged him to all the twlight movies. His birthday is in november, they’re all released in november I figure as a good sister i should take him out to the movies as a ‘birthday treat’. HAHA. He does the same for me on my birthday So his gift to me is Action flicks, I give him twilight movies. *shrugs shoulders* It works.

  25. 25) I Flove Redbox! Only place I rent movies from now. Wow, Rob’s birthday and we can get a gift? Awesome!!

  26. 26) How awesome is it to be celebrating another year with the man who brought Edward Cullen to life before our eyes and has since grown into such an amazing actor! Redbox…make my day and send me the original Twilight poster. The book that started the irrevocable change in us all!

  27. 27) Tough choice but any of the three would be great. Nice way to celebrated Rob’s 25th !
    Thanks for thinking of the fans Redbox!

  28. 28) I like the New Moon poster.

  29. 29) Really hard to choose one….I choose New Moon.
    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  30. 30) Wow happy bday Rob and happy bday us! 🙂

  31. 31) Twilight for me….but they are all just as wonderful.

  32. 32) I’d love the Eclipse poster!

  33. 33) Picking the poster is easy…Twilight. The first was the best.

    Happy Birthday Rob!

    DebbieCDC aka Seattle Chik
  34. 34) ECLIPSE!!! ❤

  35. 35) I cannot believe Rob is going to be 25 already! He’s still so handsome, though…there’s no denying that 🙂 Happy Birthday, Rob!

    I would love to have the ‘Twilight’ Poster ❤

  36. 36) I would LOVE the Eclipse poster!
    Happy Birthday Rob!

  37. 37) I would love to win the Twilight Poster! You guys have the most awesome of contests. And it’s the only poster without Jacob 😀

  38. 38) I love all thing about Robert and happy Birthday to him if i could i would pick twilight or Eclipse each has more of Rob

  39. 39) I am such a big fan that I really would love any of them but I think that the Eclipse one is the one that I would like if I win.

  40. 40) Happy Birthday Rob! I would love to have the Twilight poster which started this whole phenomenon 🙂

  41. 41) Happy Birthday Rob! If I win I would like the Twilight poster. Twilight is my favorite of the series. 🙂

  42. 42) happy birthday robert pattinson !!! love u somuch<3 ❤ ❤ <3<3

  43. 43) Happy Birthday Rob!!!! Man, that’s a tough decision, but I’d have to go with the one that started it all…Twilight. 🙂

  44. 44) I wanna win 🙂 happy birthday rob!

  45. 45) My birthday was yesterday and I’d love any one of them. I’m a huge Robert fan! In fact he is my free pass…good choice right? Team Edward loyal!

  46. 46) Happy Birthday Rob!

  47. 47) This contest has three of my favorite things: Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Thinking of Rob page & Redbox to rent movies with Robert Pattinson in them.
    I have New Moon & Eclipse poster so I would be most Thankful for Twilight. Of course if I won one of the others I would share it with one of my Twi Mamas.

  48. 48) I would love any of these posters – I have none! If I have to choose one, I would say the Eclipse poster. Thanks for the great contests!

  49. 49) Happy Birthday to Rob! Love the Twilight poster as it’s sans Jacob. 🙂

  50. 50) Happy 25th Birthday, Rob! New Moon!!!

  51. 51) I would take any one of them, but my first choice would be Eclipse…

    Happy 25th birthday Rob, love you 😀

  52. 52) happy birthday Rob i love all three posters and i have the twilight one so i would go with the new moon poster

  53. 53) Wishing Rob a fabulous birthday and how cool is it of Redbox & ToR to be having this contest! By the way, Twilight all the way baby! Thank you!

  54. 54) Happy Birthday Rob! ❤ I would have to go with Eclipse because I don't have an eclipse one! 🙂

  55. 55) I would get the Twilight poster. It is the one that I don’ t have!

  56. 56) Twilight poster!

  57. 57) What a great way to celebrate! If I were to choose I would say Twilight. The only poster I was not able to get.

  58. 58) Happy Bday Rob!

  59. 59) Thanks guys this is a good contest! I really like the Eclipse one or New Moon I don’t think anyone has said that one. Oh Happy 25th to Rob!

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  61. Idlove the eclipse poster-such a great film! Best in the saga!

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