AMAZING Video Made by Russian & Ukranian Fans for Rob on his Birthday   19 comments

Here’s an amazing video made by Russian and Ukranian fans for Rob’s birthday. We really hope he sees this! 

Posted May 13, 2011 by justfp in Fan Vids, Robert Pattinson

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19 responses to “AMAZING Video Made by Russian & Ukranian Fans for Rob on his Birthday

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  1. Thanks for posting this)))) we worked on it so hard))) Not only fans from Russia but from Ukraine as well))

  2. Wow. That was really, really moving.

  3. that was so nice good job

    Christina Nuccio
  4. Wow, You don’t realize the debth of Rob’s fans until you see something like this. I cried all the way through it. Amazing video.

  5. That was really sweet.

  6. What an amazing and special video for Rob! You guys did good!!!!! I feel very touched by it and it makes me feel so PROUD to be a fan of Rob! I truly hope he sees your video.

  7. Amazing, brilliant, beautiful, creative, and touching. The participants should be very proud of this video, and thank you for sharing it. You managed to capture all the most important messages his fans would like to send Rob on his birthday. I just hope he sees it somehow. Thanks again for making such a great video. I’m sure it took a lot of time & effort.

  8. Wonderful!! Brilliant! Touching!
    I really hope he sees it.

  9. This video was a true act of love. It made me cry.

  10. The video is really amazing!!! Really hope Rob’s gonna see it somehow

  11. Great job ladies!

  12. OMG! You girls did a great job! Loved the vid!
    Rob should see this 🙂 I hope he sees it!

  13. Russians Rob Fans are one of the best, Rob films always do well there. I wish Rob would go to Russia on his next movie promo. Great Job Girls! Love Me , Indonesia

  14. I am posting this trough tears…Wow, this was beautiful…It is amazing how Robert has genuinely touched the lives of so many people all for the same reasons…Rob is so unique, so special, so refreshing. You do not have to know someone personally to see the beautiful qualities they possess…Their own personalities come out that speaks volumes as to what they are like inside…It is no mystery how lovely Robert Pattinson is…How genuine, how humble, how sweet, how shy, how strong, how true, how funny, how smart, , how charming, how wonderful. Robert’s fans love him so much, and will forever support him for the happiness he has brought to us…I should know this as i am one of those extremely grateful fans. Thank you to all of Robert’s amazing fans around the world, in this case, especillay Russia, and the Ukrine…What a deeply moving and relatable video i so hope Rob see’s !!! Thank you to Robert for his beautiful, beautiful self. Thank you also th TOR, for all you do too!!! carolyn/milasmine

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