Poll of the Day: Who’s Your Favorite Character Played by Rob?   13 comments

It’s been a while since we’ve done a poll and since Water for Elephants has been release worldwide we thought we’d do a poll asking you guys who your favourite character played by Rob was. So without further ado 😉 

Posted May 14, 2011 by justfp in Polls, Robert Pattinson

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13 responses to “Poll of the Day: Who’s Your Favorite Character Played by Rob?

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  1. New Moon Edward should have his own category. js.

  2. Water for Elephants the best acting so far.

  3. Edward and Jacob

  4. can i say all lol

    Christina Nuccio
  5. i ended up voting Edward but that was really hard between Edward, Tyler, and Jacob…love them all for different reasons.

  6. Ughh it’s a hard choice but I picked Tyler.


  8. Every time Rob makes a new movie, *that* character becomes my favorite. Ask the same question next year and I’ll probably say “Eric Packer” =P

  9. All of the above. 🙂 lol I cannot choose just one. That’s crazy. :-p

    Kellie Robsessed
  10. It was very difficult, I love every single character he has played but I guess because Jacob and WFE is so fresh in my mind I chose that one..
    I really like Robert is Little Ashes though.. I mean.. he’s tight in that! AWESOME!

  11. I had to chose Edward Cullen, but I loved Jacob -WFE also. It is just I have loved Edward for so long.

    Barbara Fenwick

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