*New* Pic of Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer and Sarah Gadon as Elise Shifrin in Cosmopolis!   24 comments

Here’s a new pic of Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer and Sarah Gadon as Elise Shifrin in Cosmopolis!

Photo Credit: Caitlin Cronenberg

24 responses to “*New* Pic of Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer and Sarah Gadon as Elise Shifrin in Cosmopolis!

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  1. will hallo Mr Eric Packer nice to meet u
    i love his look so we have to wait for 2012 to see Eric (Rob) im so happy (happy dance )

  2. it looks good

    Christina Nuccio
  3. Wow! Quite a different look for him! Might take a while to get used to it……shouldn’t take very long….maybe a few minutes! He is gorgeous. That is all!

  4. Nice look! I love the hairstyle!!

  5. Yeah baby!

  6. He looks so great and beautiful, I will love him in this movie too.

  7. Here we go!!!!!!! Love the look. R Rated, best move yet!!!!!

  8. Good luck Robert, you are so beautiful

  9. Love This

  10. Wow, that was fast!

  11. Drop-Dead Handsome! Right up there with Paul Newman, Clark Gable, and Gary Cooper as a movie star! If ever there was a person born to become a leading man….he is sooo gorgeous….there really aren’t words to do him justice!

  12. lickable!

  13. Perfect face, perfect hair, transformed into Eric Packer just like the chameleon he is. I can’t wait to see how Cronenberg directs Rob in this movie.

  14. From what I have heard of the character…looking good. Looking very, VERY good.

  15. He’s so HOT ^^

    I hope too see this movie really soon 🙂

  16. Is is such a treat to get an actual movie still this early – thank you Caitlin Cronenberg! Rob looks picture perfect as Eric and I can’t wait to see how Mr. Cronenberg directs him in this movie – he is such an interesting director. I’ve recently watched both “A History of Violence” and “Eastern Promises” and both movies were fantastic!

  17. Like Janbreesmom said above, born to be a movie star….my gawd he takes my breath away. With Cronenberg at the helm, this picture is going to be awesome. It kills that it will probably be next year before we see this, especially if Cronenberg decides to hold it until Cannes 2012. But we can hope for Bel Ami to tide us over in the meantime.

    And MANY thanks to Caitlin Cronenberg for this pic. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her work as the shoot progresses. #SoExcited

    DebbieCDC aka Seattle Chik
  18. Very thankful for the photo just days after shooting started! I guess I have to finish the book now, lol. Having a lot of trouble with this one – wonder if the script is following it closely or not.

  19. OMFG Fuckingawesomeness : )

  20. I am speechless!!!! 😀

    Kellie Robsessed
  21. can’t wait to see more!!!

  22. He looks HOT, but I imagined him to look more like fifty.

  23. Eric is 28 yrs. old in the book.

  24. Just look the photo and remembered to Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers. Same dark and disturbed look

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