Artist Contest Round 1 – Help Us Pick the Winner!   4 comments

A month or so ago we put up a contest for artists. The big prize is an authentic autographed Cannes pic of Robert Pattinson. You can check out the contest here. The contest is divided into 4 categories: Wallpapers, enhanced pics, videos and drawings (digital or by hand). 

For Round 1 we need your help to pick a finalist in each category. Click on the links below to see the entries and vote for your favorite in each category! Round 1 will last until the end of the week so you have until July 10th to vote! Please don’t forget to vote in each category! =) 

For Round 2 we’ll pick two entries with the most votes for each category and people will vote between the 2. 

For Round 3 we will take the entry with the most votes in each category and round them up together. People will then have to choose their favorite between the 4 top entries. 

To vote for your favorite video click here

To vote for your favorite wallpaper click here

To vote for your favorite drawing click here

To vote for your favorite enhanced pic click here

Thanks to everyone who sent in their submissions. Good luck to all! 

Note: If you sent us an entry and it doesn’t show up in one of the categories, contact us to let us know. However please note that some entries were rejected due to the rules of the original contest post. 

Posted July 2, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

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