‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ on several Fall Movie Preview Lists   3 comments

Breaking Dawn – Part is on several Fall Movie Preview lists

Rolling Stone:

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1’
Opening: November 18th
OK, anyone who reads my reviews knows that I don’t care much for the castrated film versions of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire bestsellers. But I have hopes for Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and even Part 2 because both are directed by Bill Condon, who’s the real deal (see Gods and Monsters, Kinsey and Dreamgirls). If anyone can put life into the marriage and long-awaited sex betweem the human Bella (Kristen Stewart) and the bloodsucking Edward (Rob Pattinson), it’s Condon. Twi-hards, I’m with you this time.

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NY Mag:
32. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part One): Two things elevate this Twilight installment to we-actually-want-to-see-this territory: the presence of director Bill Condon, and the wackadoo vampire-birthing sequence that climaxes the movie. What will Bella’s wedding dress look like? How will her sex scene with Edward go? Who cares: Give us baby.

Yahoo Movies:
Release Date: November 18
William and Kate’s royal wedding is about to be the second biggest marriage ceremony of the year. Bella and Edward are tying the knot in the first half of the last “Twilight” tale. But their nuptials will have severe repercussions for themselves and everyone they love. From Jacob’s broken heart, a honeymoon in Rio, and an inexplicable and life-threatening pregnancy, the movie is packed with the gripping moments that Twi-hards have been dying to see on screen.  And look for “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” to be on many fans’ list of most anticipated movies of fall 2012.


3 responses to “‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ on several Fall Movie Preview Lists

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  2. i like all of the DVD and actor Bella swan is my world supermodel and Edward is a male supermodel

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