A HUGE Thank You and An Update   9 comments

As most of you who visit this site know. we’ve been running an auction for Schelmy to raise funds for her husband’s hospital bills. You can check here for more info. 

We are simply astounded at the amount of donations coming in. We didn’t think of doing an auction at first but people have been so generous in donating items and money. People are still sending us stuff to auction which is great! So far we’ve managed to raise 450$ in direct donations (this does not include the auctions, as those are still running until Friday September the 23rd). 

We’d like to give a huge shout out to New Moon Director Chris Weitz who emailed us asking how he could help. He will be donating a signed New Moon companion which we will put up for auction on Monday. This isn’t only limited to the Twilight Fandom, Christoph Waltz Fans  have also donated. A huge thank you to our affiliate Robert Pattinson UK who have been relentless in helping spread the word. 

Shannon has been very busy taking care of her husband. but I’m sure she would like me to thank each and every one of you who has donated, has given items or is helping us spread the word. She is very grateful for everything and says that every little tweet gives them courage to carry on. 

In her own words aka DMs sent to me (which I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing):

“We have had a rough couple of days. 😦 The physical therapy has started and there has been a crazy pain to deal with and fever. They were afraid he had infection, then a blood clot. Things finally stabilized this evening. I have been trying to check my phone to follow Operation Help Schelmy. It has been cheering my husband and I even hit the internet quickly to show him the auction site images :-D!!!! You guys are a force of nature. I am so lucky to have an amazing friend like you. *BIGGEST WARM HUGS and LOVE* Please tell everyone I am so touched by their efforts. We can’t get over what you guys are doing! When I went down to help out my DH, I mentioned the chrisweitz donation <3. His eyes teared. This afternoon I showed him the donations. He really understands how generous these are. People’s treasures given to help us. It means so much. Every RT, Every sweet well wish…it gives us hope and strength. I am sooo crying right now. ❤ Happy warm tears…don’t worry….you have made me so happy. These kind ppl ….I want to hug everyone…”

There are so many items, that there’s something for everyone! Signed books, Twilight items, Rob items, Kristen items, Taylor items, etc… 

Check out the auction here!

an overview of the new items up for auction:


Posted September 17, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

9 responses to “A HUGE Thank You and An Update

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  1. Hi ! This is so great, this solidarity ! I want to bid also 🙂
    OK, I’ll look very ignorant here (and I am lol ) concerning everything about blogging and chatting and so on, cus’ I’v been surfing for many years but have never participated before in a «live» thing, so : it seems I have to register with WordPress in order to be able to write a comment/bid on the page of the auction ? The «Guest» logo doesn’t show either. Seems like a lot of stuff just to bid, and how come it’s working here, I kind a remember I sign something but not as elaborated !?! Haaaaa, thank you for lightning my ignorance (merci d’éclairer ma lanterne) I know you’re all very busy, and now you also know why I don’t have a web site lol !!!

  2. Hello justfp !
    Wow it is so weird !!! (We can hear the «Twilight» Zone music here)
    I have tried again on the auction site, and it’s like being a blind person because I can’t see the letters I’m typing in the comments box and the e-mail bar !!! Le curseur moves but it stays blank (and it was like that this morning too). The difference is that now, since I’ve tried anyway and put a bid on 2 magazines, there is the avatar logo that appeared once I’v sent the 1rst message. Got to be really careful on what and how I type, or I may end with a 1000 $ bid or something like that lol. Do you know what’s happening ??? Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. I’m having the same probelm. I can add a comment but I can’t see it until I hit post. 😦

  4. I wish I had something autographed by Christoph that I could donate. Unfortunately, we actually don’t have very much at all that has been autographed by him. But I wish all the best to Shannon and her family, and I hope that her husband makes a full recovery.

    Best wishes, ChristophWaltzFans.com

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