*SCANS* and translation: Robert Pattinson in “Top Girl” Magazine – September 2011 – Italy   3 comments

Here are the scans and translation of Robert Pattinson in Top Girl – Italy

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In the film (Water for Elephants), your character, Jacob, is very close to an elephant. Do you share with him his love for animals?
Rob: I had a dog for 18 years, She was called Patty and I was really affectionate to her, then in Louisiana on the set of Breaking Dawn I adopted another puppy. I was “stuck” in Baton Rouge with a strong rhythm of shooting and it was very good to have a little four-legged companion. I rescued him from a shelter that was going to suppress him, I do not know what race he is, but he’s really tender. To have him around with me in hotels really helped me to not feel alone.
How do you react to the fact you are a famous sex symbol?
Rob: It’s ‘fun and you hope that concerns you, while it is a result of people’s imagination. The only thing I can do for someone who values my work is to try to do my best not to disappoint the expectations. I hope however to be appreciated for what I am rather than the character I play. I can not see myself in the shoes of a sex symbol especially since no one offered me ”pretty boy” characters before Twilight. It is funny how the world change its mind about you and you are considered from the world in a whole new way.
How much exercise you need to play Edward?
Rob: In Breaking Dawn, I trained a lot because it required a lot of scenes without my shirt on and I was so obsessed with fitness and a healthy diet and then I went around everywhere by bike to keep fit. At the very moment in which the scenes where I’m on stage without wearing t shirts are finished working out I stopped and went back to normal rhythms.
What makes you happy, apart from work?
Rob: Playing music with others always excites me. Some time ago I was in New Orleans to play the piano with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and I asked myself: Why I not do it again?. It ‘was wonderful: I love unconditionally the blues ”
Do you still continues to write songs?
Rob: I don’t do it since a lot , but I keep trying. To write music you must be able to isolate yourself from the world and focus on it on continuous basis, for six months i e, but at the moment I have no way to take such a long break. And then I must be really sad and depressed to make decent songs (laughs). If one day I wake up in tears, then it is the right time that I can find inspiration.

Source: Robert Pattinson Moms

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