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Rob’s Interview with Manilla Bulletin

As for Robert, 25, he talked of how frustrated he was of Edward’s behavior in Part 1. “I have never been really frustrated by Edward’s behavior in any of the other movies,” he confessed. “I remember reading the book and I got more and more disgusted by his passivity until the point where at the wedding, Jacob is having the first dance with Bella. I am like what is happening. This is totally crazy. But I understood it more after Bella gets pregnant. When you fall in love with someone, you are in a totally hopeless position. You feel you have no power at all. So as soon as she starts going off on her own journey, all you can do as a guy is feel totally helpless. It is a very specific thing to Edward. I definitely don’t like it when he passes the buck a little bit to Jacob. I always thought that was kind of giving up on her a little bit.”

Robert explained, “It is even more extreme in the book. He literally says to Jacob, you would be better with her. As soon as Bella gets pregnant with this thing, a matter that’s growing inside, it’s as if all the doubt and the self-loathing that he’s felt in all the other ones overwhelm him. He just cannot control himself. He can’t handle it all. He has to let go of his ego, his past and just rebuild himself. In the second part of the movie, he is basically a different person.”

As for their bonding, the down-to-earth Robert said, “It is really incredible that we did five movies and we are still the best of friends. Some people do movies together and start as friends. Then in the end, they are no longer friends. So to be able to share and go through this same experience with two other people is earth-shattering.”

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