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This post is constantly updated with the most recent interviews, videos and pics 

Do you feel like you missed a lot and don’t know where to start? No worries we’ve got it covered for you! It’s been very busy on the site for the past week, so this is a round-up post for you guys, so you don’t have to search all over the place to find things. We’ll keep updating this post as we add new things to the site, so keep checking back 😉 

Breaking Dawn BERLIN Premiere (November 18th) 

Fan pics: here
MQ pics: here / here
HQ Pics: here / here
Screencaps: here
Videos: here / here / here / here / here /here 
Press Conference Pics & transcript: here / here /here

Breaking Dawn BARCELONA Premiere (November 17th) 

Fan pics: here
HQ Pics: here  / here / here
Screencaps: here
Videos: here / here / here / here

Breaking Dawn LONDON Premiere (November 16th) 

Fan pics: here / here / here / here 
MQ pics: here
HQ Pics: here and here and here
Screencaps: here /here 
Videos: here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here  /here  /here 

Breaking Dawn LA Premiere (November 14th) 

Fan pics: here  / here  / here / here / here / here / here / here
MQ Pics : here  / here
HQ Pics: here  / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here /here 
Screencaps: here
Videos: here / here /here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here
Jojo Wright interview pics: here

More Interviews and events after the jump! 

The Ellen Show 

MQ Pics : here
HQ Pics: here 
Screencaps: here | here
Videos: here | here | here | here
Preview: here / here

Jimmy Fallon 

MQ Pics : here 
HQ Pics: here  and here
Screencaps: here
Videos: here

LIVE! With Regis and Kelly 

Pics : here  / here
Screencaps: here
Video: here  and HD here

The Today Show 

Fan pics (arrival) : here  / here
HQ pics (arrival): here  and here
MQ pics (arrival): here 
Video (arrival): here  / here 
HQ Pics (Show): here 
Videos (Show): here
Screencaps: here 

Jimmy Kimmel Interview 

Video :  here
HQ Pics: Here
Pics: here

David Letterman 

Fan pics (arrival) : here / here
HQ pics (arrival): here / here / here 
MQ pics (arrival): here
Video (signing): here
HQ Pics (Show): here
Videos (Show): here

Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

Fan pics: here

MQ pics: here 

HQ pics: here

Videos: here 

Twilight Convention

Fan pics: here  / here / here  / here  /here 

HQ Pics: here 

Official Pics MQ: here  / here  / here / here 

Official Pics HQ: here  /here  /here  / here / here

Videos: here  / here

Screencaps: here 

Handprint Ceremony

Fan pics: here / here / here / here / here 

Videos: here / here / here

HQ Pics: here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here (There are a lot of posts as there are more than 500 pics.)

Black & White pics: here 

Press Junket

Pics: here / here  / here  / here / here

Videos: here  / here  / here 

Transcript: here 

Breaking Dawn Updates:

New Stills: here / here / here / here
BTS pics: here
EW Photoshoot: here  / here  / here
New clips: “Hurt my Family” here 

Cosmopolis updates: 

Lisbon film festival: Videos of David Cronenberg speaking of Cosmopolis here 
New Stills: here 
David Cronenberg speaking about Robert Pattinson: here  / here / here / here / here / here (video)

Bel Ami updates:

New still: here 

UK release date: here


50 Minutes Inside (France): here 

Access Hollywood: (includes pics) here 

Aftonbladet (Sweden) : here  video: here 

Ales Medela: here

Allociné: here

Al Rojo Vivo: here

AMC Movie News: here 

Associated Press: here 

Black Tree TV: here 

BBC 1 Radio: here

Bdkreviews: here 

Bravo: here 

Celeb Factory: here

Channel 10: here

Chicago Sun Times: here 

Chuck the Movie Guy: here

Cinebox (Portugal): here 

Cinescap (Peru): here 

Clevver TV: here 

CNN: here 

Coming Soon (Italy): here 

Courier Mail (Australia) : here 

Daybreak (UK): here  screencaps: here 

Daily Inquirer (Philippines): here 

Dutch TV: here 

E!:  here

Empire Online: here

Entertainment Tonight: here  / here 

Epoca Magazine (Brazil): here

ET Canada: here 

ETalk: here  & here 

Evening Magazine: here 

Extra: here 

Fandango: here  & here 

Fear: here 

Film Club (UK): here 

Film Ink (Australia): here

Fitz & Wippa Nova 96.9: here 

Flicks & Bits: here 

Fox All Access: here 

Fox4News: here

Heart Radio (UK): here 

HitFix: here 

Hollywood Streams: here

Hollywood Outbreak: here 

Hot Hits: here 

Hot Press: here 

Hot Topics: here 

Iltasanomat: here 

ISTV Evening Times: here 

iVillage: here 

Jake the Movie Guy: here 

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: here 

Jojo: here

Kerri-Anne (Australia): here 

Kevin’s Reel World here

KTLA: here 

Le Figaro: here 

Le Matin (Swiss): here here 

Los Angeles Daily News: here

Los 40 Principales: here

M Magazine (Austria): here 

Manilla Bulletin: here 

Mark at the Movies: here 

Megastar Cineplex (Vietnam): here 

Menaiset: here

Metro UK: here 

Moviefone: here 

Moviehole: here 

MovieTickets: here 

MSN Movies: here 

MTV With Josh Horwitz: here 

MTV Yes and No game: here 

MTV First: here / pic here 

MyFox Detroit: here

MyFox LA: here 

NBC Miami: here 

New Reelz: here 

On The Red Carpet: here 

One News: here  & here 

Orlandon Sentinel: here 

Parade: here 

Paris Press Junket: here 

Philstar: here

PopSugar: here 

Primero Noticias (Mexico): here 

Pro Sieben’s Red: here

ReelzChannel: here  / here

Reuters: here here

RTP: here 

ScreenSlam: here 

Seattles Times: here 

Sensacine (Spain): here 

Singapore Today: here 

Sky Cinema News: here 

Sky (Italy): here 

Sky Movies: here 

ShayneWellsMSP: here 

Showbiz tonight here

Showbiz 411: here 

Startalk: here 

Stockholm Press Junket: here 

STV: here

Sunrise (Australia): here 

T4: here  / here 

Talking Pictures: here here  Part 2: here  Part 3: here 

Telecine: here

Telefe (Argentina): here 

Telever: here 

Ten TV: here

Terra: here 

TF1: here 

Seventeen (Latin America):  here 

The Guardian UK: here 

The Bristol Evening Post: here 

The Celeb Factory: here

The Herald Sun: here 

The Hollywood Reporter: here

This Morning (UK): here 

The Insider:  here 

The Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show (Australia): here 

The Project (Australia): here 

The Movie Network: here 

The Scotsman: here 

The Today Show (Australia) : here 

Time Warner Cable: here

Top Billing: here here 

TU Magazine: here here

Yahoo Movies: here  / here 

Premiere Signs

We’ve made signs for those of you who will be attending the Breaking Dawn part 1  Premieres! You can print them and bring them with you to the events. Tip: take a marker (dark and light) with you and something hard to put underneath the sign so Rob (and the other actors) will be able to sign easily.

We’d love to see a pic of the signs at the venue and/or signed

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  1. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE GIRLS AT ToR !!! You are doing such an incredible work, it’s really impressive, you are awsome and generous and we are very lucky 🙂 Feel like saying * big hugs to you all * ! Thanks 🙂

  2. most useful post ever 🙂 thanks!

  3. thank you for this post – been working 7 days straight since before oct and this made it so easy to find it all in one place – great idea – thanks for you hard work

  4. This is the best thing ever!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for putting everything in one place..

  5. You guys are doing a great job! Thanks for keeping us updated!

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  7. I just repeat the thanks for your hard work to put together this crazyness. Thanks again.

  8. oh yeah…thank you 🙂

  9. Ok … I know I have been busy and I am usually more observant then this – but in the TODAY interview, the interviewer mentions “his beautiful girlfriend” did they announced this yet or was she just being a media douchbag-ette?!?!

  10. Thanks for all the hard work- gonna share.

  11. Hi!

    I usually visit another blog for my Rob related news, but I ran across yours this morning. I am so very impressed! Your blog is so nicely organized and you have made it so easy to find the information I’m looking for without spending hours searching!

    I’m sure it has taken you much time and work to do this, but I want you to know how much I appreciate it. Now, I’m not only a fan of Rob, but also of Thinking of Rob!

    Thank You!

  12. Girls, wish i was there with you, but fel too old for that sort of thing. Will be going to the midnight screeming on Thurs. Keep warm.

  13. Wow, this post is amazing! Thanks you so, so much

  14. Do you guys know where are the guys going to stay here in Barcelona? Anybody knows the hotel where they are going to stay? PLEASE HELP ME!

  15. You guys are great! This is a terrific post. I tweeted it. =)

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