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VIDEO: MTV First Interview with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Stephenie Meyer   8 comments

You Tube. Probably wont stay up for too long. (thanks to @BlueOrchid24)


Or click HERE to watch all the Videos on MTV (not available outside US)

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Screencaps of Rob, Kristen & Taylor on MTV First   2 comments

Screencaps from MTV First

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 MTV First: With Rob, Kristen & Taylor – Nov 1   1 comment

We previously posted about the MTV First here. Now we have confirmation + more details:

From MTV: The highly anticipated release of “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” truly marks the end of an era. And since MTV News has followed the record-breaking franchise from the beginning, we’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate the final chapter in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling vampire romance series.

Get ready for an extra-special dose of “Breaking Dawn” goods Thursday, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET, when MTV News presents “MTV First: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” an exclusive sit-down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, during which they will introduce a never-before-seen clip from the film on MTV.

Following the on-air introduction of the exclusive clip, the “Twilight” trio will stick around for a lengthy interview on and will joined by other cast members as well. Fans can get in on the action immediately by submitting video or text questions beginning today via or Twitter (@MTVNews, hashtag #AskTwilight).

Last but certainly not least, MTV will present a “Twilight Takeover” on Saturday, November 10, and Sunday, November 11, hosted by MTV News’ Josh Horowitz, who will treat fans to a series of exclusive MTV moments from the very first interview with the cast through his latest exclusive interviews. The moments will appear throughout the weekend around MTV’s scheduled programming.

(UK/Europe times for the MTV First is: 12AM GMT/ 1AM CET Friday)

MTV First: ‘Breaking Dawn: Part II’ on November 1   3 comments

According to TVGuide and,  there is a Live Breaking Dawn – Part 2 ‘MTV First’ scheduled for Thursday, November 1st at 8pmEST. There are no details who’s going to be on the show. We’ll update the post when we know more details.


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Black & White Pics of Robert Pattinson During Cosmopolis Promo   Leave a comment

Here are some black & white pics of Robert Pattinson I made for you guys from NY Times Talk, Good Morning America, MTV First, the New York Stock Exchange and the Cosmopolis premiere in NYC. Enjoy! 

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Video of Robert Pattinson on MTV First   5 comments

Or click the image to watch the full interview in clips on MTV (not available in all locations)

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Pictures of Robert Pattinson on MTV First   9 comments


More pictures after the jump.

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Robert Pattinson to be on MTV First on August 16   3 comments

Hey Robert Pattinson fans, are you ready for a chat with your favorite actor? MTV News has got you covered with “MTV First: Robert Pattinson.”

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 16, when Pattinson will premiere a new clip from his upcoming and buzzworthy film “Cosmopolis” on MTV at 7: 49 p.m. ET. Immediately following the on-air premiere, Pattinson will sit down with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz for a 30-minute interview on Fans can join in on the fun by submitting questions beginning today through or via Twitter using @MTVNews and the hash-tag #AskRob.

Those who’ve been following the news surrounding “Cosmopolis” know that the David Cronenberg-directed thriller is already a favorite, as it was voted the #1 most anticipated movie in our MTV Movie Brawl. The story, which is based on Don DeLillo’s novel of the same name, follows young billionaire financier Eric Packer (Pattinson) in the not-too-distant future as he’s chauffeured through Manhattan on his way to get a haircut. His entire world falls apart as his marriage is failing, his financial status is slipping and even his very life is being threatened.
The film also stars Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand, K’Naan, Emily Hampshire with Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti and opens everywhere Friday.
Don’t forget to tune in to MTV and on Thursday to hear everything Pattinson has to say about making the film.


Catch Up on All The Recent Events, Videos, Pics and Interviews Here – All Links in One Post   31 comments

***Stickied post. Scroll down for newer posts***

This post is constantly updated with the most recent interviews, videos and pics 

Do you feel like you missed a lot and don’t know where to start? No worries we’ve got it covered for you! It’s been very busy on the site for the past week, so this is a round-up post for you guys, so you don’t have to search all over the place to find things. We’ll keep updating this post as we add new things to the site, so keep checking back 😉 

Breaking Dawn BERLIN Premiere (November 18th) 

Fan pics: here
MQ pics: here / here
HQ Pics: here / here
Screencaps: here
Videos: here / here / here / here / here /here 
Press Conference Pics & transcript: here / here /here

Breaking Dawn BARCELONA Premiere (November 17th) 

Fan pics: here
HQ Pics: here  / here / here
Screencaps: here
Videos: here / here / here / here

Breaking Dawn LONDON Premiere (November 16th) 

Fan pics: here / here / here / here 
MQ pics: here
HQ Pics: here and here and here
Screencaps: here /here 
Videos: here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here  /here  /here 

Breaking Dawn LA Premiere (November 14th) 

Fan pics: here  / here  / here / here / here / here / here / here
MQ Pics : here  / here
HQ Pics: here  / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here /here 
Screencaps: here
Videos: here / here /here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here / here
Jojo Wright interview pics: here

More Interviews and events after the jump! 

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Video: MTV’s 5 Favorite Moments from MTV First: ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’:   3 comments

They came, they saw, they giggled. We welcomed Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to the MTV airwaves to debut a never-before-seen clip from their upcoming “Breaking Dawn: Part 1,” and they were kind enough to stick around for an in-depth chit-chat. And by in-depth, we’re talking everything from six-pack abs to sex, sex, sex.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Of course, there were many stand-out moments from the evening, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites to a choice five that we’ll savor for a long, long time. Read past the jump to see our top picks and click play on the video to watch them for yourself!

Robert…in a G-string
Okay, so he wasn’t actually wearing a G-string for our webcast (though we reserve the right to insist he do so for a potential MTV First: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”), but his hilarious recollection of wearing the itty-bitty skivvies and how they looked like “old ham” was priceless. Thanks, sir.

“Something Old, Something Blue”
Obviously one of the highlights of our MTV First was the EXCLUSIVE pre-wedding moment we debuted. We’ve got a soft spot for Charlie, and him giving Grandma Swan’s vintage hair clip To Bella was a moment of aw-inducing proportions. Be sure to watch it again…and again…and again…

Taylor’s T-shirt time
Bella dissed him and all he got was a T-shirt from Josh Horowitz. Thank goodness he’ll find some love in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” Spoiler?

Kristen doesn’t want you to see that
Of course we dug Kristen’s very first MTV “Twilight” interview out of the archives because we expected some sort of reaction, but I don’t think anyone expected THAT KIND OF REACTION. The starlet jumped out of her seat and nearly flew across the studio to avoid setting eyes on that bit of nostalgia. “As far as I’m concerned, this doesn’t exist,” she said emphatically. Um, but Kristen, it kinda does.

The ab war
Plenty of seconds were dedicated to deep analysis of the midsections of both Rob and Taylor. And Mr. Pattinson wants you to know that his weren’t painted on. But if they were, so were Taylor’s.