A Slow Down For the Weekend and Major Kudos to the ToR Gals!

Breaking Yawn because of all the sleepless nights 😉 

Hi all! 

Breaking Dawn promo is over, thank you for sticking with us for the ride! It’s been a crazy one! We’re taking a little breather this weekend. We’ll still be updating the site just not as regularly as we normally do. We all need a bit of R&R and to spend some time with our families. We’ll be back to normal on Monday. 

I just want to take the opportunity to say what a terrific job all the ToR girl did during promo. Major kudos to all of you! Many sleepless nights were involved but we made it through 😉 So DreamySim1SparksTPSlowie , MyRobAddictionrobmusement,_blackrose26_    DonnerSunEyesofAmberBlog & RPattzProject this one is for you! Major kudos to all the other bloggers from other site who have worked as tirelessly as we have. 

I hope all of you who read the site enjoy a great weekend as well and feel free to check out this post here to catch up 😉 


Posted November 19, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson