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Update: Just returned from the vet’s. They think the cat had been bitten by another cat. He was running a fever and his leg is infected. They wanted to shave his leg and open it up to do a deep cleaning & keep him for a few days but it would have cost us 450$. What they did instead is they gave him a shot of anti-inflammatories as well as antibiotics. Thanks to everyone who helped! He is now back in our basement resting. 

You can see his injured paw on this pic. 

Sadly many people abandon their cats outside in the winter. We have picked up a stray, who is on a waiting list to go to a no kill-shelter. I’m extremely allergic to cats, however the kitty is in dire need of medical help and we’ve put him in our basement temporarily. One of his paw is wounded and he needs to see a vet ASAP. Vets are expensive so we are asking for your help, if you can donate even if it’s just a bit to help us save this kitty it would be appreciated so much. 

It would allow us to give this kitty a second chance at life for Christmas… 

You can donate by clicking on the donate button in the sidebar. Any contribution is appreciated. 

I’ll post pics shortly of the kitty 

Posted December 27, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

16 responses to “We Need Your Help Please!

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  1. Sent you CAD 20, poor kitty!!

  2. i want to help but i cant im to far from u

    • You can help by donating if you can. You can donate by credit card or paypal. The button is on the left sidebar. Any amount will help.

    • You can pay via paypal. I am in a different part of the world from the admin here, she is in Canada and I am in Norway but I do have a paypal account, click on the “donate” button and put in whatever amount you can pay and you’ve helped out with caring for this kitty 😀

  3. Donated $20 CAD, I hope it helps. Breaks my heart.

    Lourdes also @Lourdes28
  4. Donated $25 (got some Christmas cash!) and so happy to help this kitty! Seeing pics of him did me in! Must be something about you that brings all the stray cats around……first cow cat and not crippled cat! Bless you for taking them in, Marie!!!!

    • I know right? And the worse is, I’m super allergic to cats. I can’t have them in the house. Hence why he’s in the basement. Well this one started coming around towards the end of when cowcat was here (who has been adopted already at the no-kill shelter btw! so he has a new home for Christmas). But the shelter had only a place for one. So we waited for this one and then I think he got into a cat fight =(

    • Thank you so much for donating btw!

  5. OOPS, typo! I mean “first cow cat and NOW crippled cat”!!!!

  6. That kitty looks just like my cat. Aww.

  7. I have not been on this site all day and had no idea this happened. I am an animal lover. I have seven cats and 2 dogs we have saved ourselves.
    If you still need $$ let me know.
    Our two dogs were in their own yard on Christmas day and two neighbor dogs attacked and caused lacerations and puncture wounds on both dogs and my husband was bit as well trying to break it up. This is the 3rd time for one of those dogs breaking out of it’s yard to attack one of my dogs. So we had to call the officials this time. It breaks my heart that our neighbor dog will have to be put down because of this. No matter what .. but I’m scared to put my dogs out for fear it will happen again and be worse.
    Anyway, I digress.. please… let me know if you need funds… I can donate $25 if you still need it.

    • At the moment we’ll see how he’s going to do with the meds. If you still want to donate the money will go to the no-kill animal shelter we’re sending him to. =)

  8. So sorry this dear kitty is having problems! He/she looks just like my Russian Blue cat Lucy. I donated $25.00 to help out. I hope she gets better real soon. God bless you for taking care of her.

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