HQ pics of Robert Pattinson at the People’s Choice Awards 2012   11 comments

HQ pics of Robert Pattinson at the People’s Choice Awards 2012:

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11 responses to “HQ pics of Robert Pattinson at the People’s Choice Awards 2012

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  2. WOW! From these pictures you can see how revealing Ashley’s dress is. Didn’t notice on T.V but in still shots it hugs every curve etc! Was surprised by Rob’s buzz cut, but love him all the same. He doesn’t have to worry about having “Edward” hair anymore so probably enjoyed buzzing it off. I am anxious to hear what his next movie project will be.

  3. Wooof… I survived a live streaming with a too old laptop and a not fast enough internet connexion, jesus I’m not gonna do that too often, I’ll need to upgrade my stuff or I’m gonna die of “boredomness” ! (can we say that in english ?) But I didn’t see the award for Best Actor in a movie drama. Did I missed it or they didn’t show it ??? In every other galas, it is one of the most important award ! Well anyway, WFE won and we saw Rob on stage, congratulations !

    Thanks a lot dreamysim1 for your good and hard work on ToR Twitter ! 🙂 Good night !

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  5. Total hottttttttttttttnessss and ADORABLE as ever. What a man………

  6. Where was Kristen? Betty White is adorable ~ of course~ but I expected Kristen to be there with Rob.

  7. A BIG THANKS to you girls for your always perfect work and a GREAT CONGRATULATIONS to ROB for nailing it! I don’t care who won the best actor award. I think that Rob wasn’t unhappy either because he had one outside Twi award. I’m so so SO PROUD OF HIM. WELL DONE MY SUNSHINE!

  8. pattinson allways will be wanderful and supersexy,dont matter his hair cut or his clothes.

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