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2 Pictures from Premiere Magazine – Better Quality and Without the Magazine Tags   1 comment

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Outtakes from Robert Pattinsons Premiere Photoshoot   2 comments

Outtakes from Robs new photoshoot. First four are new, the rest we’ve glimpsed before, but now in better quality. Click for bigger.

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*SCAN* Cosmopolis in “Corriere Della Sera” Magazine – Italy   Leave a comment

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*VIDEO* CNN Mexico talks about Robert Pattinson and Mission: Blacklist   2 comments


The Hollywood Reporter informs that Robert Pattinson will be one of the stars of a movie that will tell about a definite chapter in the USA intervention in Iraq, one of Pattinson’s most recent films: Cosmopolis, directed by David Cornenberg will be in competition in the Cannes film festival in France. But returning to the other project, my partner has more information.

Woman: That’s right, this project, Mission: Blacklist #1 is giving the star of the Twilight Saga the opportunity to leave his image of a romantic vampire and play the role of one of the men responsible for the capture of the expresident of Iraq, Saddam Hussain. We are accompanied by Lysa Rivera, welcome Lysa.
Even though the last Twilight movie isn’t in theaters yet, Pattinson is securing his next projects, especially after a big fenomenon like Twilight, what do you think about this new project?

Lysa: Well, like you mentioned, this movie is a very strong psychological thriller, according to the notes I have, based on the tellings of one of the soldiers that was participating in the capture of one of the cruelest men in modern history. A long time ago, Robert was looking for other parts that would help him draw outside of what he was doing with the Twilight franchise. We’ve seen him in ‘Water For Elephants’ with Reese Witherspoon, where he played her love interest and it was a drama directed torwards love, but the set design and costumes let us know it was an ambicious film and Pattinson did a good job in it. But when he had to go back to Twilight, he commented to the media that he wanted to continue along the lines he had set as an actor with different roles, so that he could be taken more seriously and have a bigger future in his career.
Mission: Blacklist is a very strong script by Erik Jendresen and it will present not only political themes, but also very harsh dialogues where we will be able to see how this young actor takes it to screen, it’s a challenge for him and we’ll have to pay attention.

Man: We will be paying attention, and I think that his movie in Cannes by David Cronenberg, which is also in competition for the Golden Palm, and that’s so important, will show us another side of Pattinson and he probably won’t go through what is happening to Daniel Radcliffe, who is still demonstrating that he’s more than Harry Potter, and I think he has the talent to do it.

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*VIDEO* Tim Burton on who’s a better vampire – Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson   2 comments

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