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More Details about the ‘Cosmopolis’ Screening in Portugal on May 29   1 comment

@veraleeon just received an email with more details from the ‘Cosmopolis’ screening in Portugal on May 29th.

According to her:

The screening is going to happen on Grand Auditorium of the CCB, on the 29th May at 8PM and will count with the presence of (confirmed to date) David Cronenberg – director, Robert Pattinson – the main actor, Don DeLillo – author and Paul Giamatti – actor.

Tomorrow (May 10, starting at 3PM), they will start to sell the tickets for the screening.

Ticket price: 10 €

You can buy ticket every day from 11AM to 8PM.

You can buy the tickets HERE


ETA: A few more details via @veraleeon, @3cheers4tyranny and @CarinaRK:

@3cheers4tyranny & @CarinaRK went to buy the tickets for the screening today & they wore informed that there is going to be a Red Carpet & they’ll make a brief presentation before the movie.


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New/Old Fan Pic of Robert Pattinson at Cannes in 2009   1 comment


The pictures are from two French film students. They got their hands on the Cosmoplis Film Reel. Lucky!


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*scans* Bel Ami Production Notes   1 comment

Scans of the Production notes for Bel Ami (in French)

More after the jump!

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Cosmopolis featured on The Playlist’s 15 Most Anticipated Films Of The Cannes Film Festival   Leave a comment

From The Playlist:

“Cosmopolis”  – dir. David Cronenberg – France/Germany/Canada
Synopsis: Based on the novel by American authorDon DeLillo, this centers on Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson), a young multi-billionaire making an epic, ultimately doomed limo ride across New York City.
What You Need to Know: At the outset, “Cosmopolis” seems to fall in line with the mannered, critic-friendly films of the recent Cronenberg era. It is, after all, an adaptation of a critically revered and best-selling novel and stars hunky heartthrob-of-the-moment Robert Pattinson. But having seen those first few trailers, the movie seems more atypical and dangerous (a good thing, since “A Dangerous Method” felt far too safe for a filmmaker known for exploding heads and genital mutilation), and certainly a return to a more recognizable kind of picture for the director with a number of Cronenberg’s favorite thematic tics look to be explored, including man’s relationship with modern technology, the messiness of murder, and sexual obsession. The big question is whether “Twilight” star Pattinson can pull off that lead role. His starring efforts outside the vampire franchise, like “Water For Elephants” and “Bel Ami,” have mostly been met by shrugs, but we’re impressed with what we’ve seen of him here, and if he ever wins over his doubters, it’ll be on this one. He’s got a strong supporting cast behind him which’ll help, with Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, Samantha Morton, Jay Baruchel, Sarah Gadon and Mathieu Amalric along for the ride.

New ‘Mission: Blacklist’ Promo Poster & Banner   1 comment

Mission: Blacklist (one of robs new films) has a new promo banner from Embankment Films page. The banner is probably for this year’s Cannes Film Market, where the movie is being sold. (i.e. not a new picture, just being used for the market)

ETA: Full Promo Poster added

crop below

website with synopsis. click for bigger

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*VIDEO* Christina Ricci talks about Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami on ‘The View’   1 comment


KristenPatz via Leyla_831 via Youtube thanks to @veronicaspuffy

UK: Bel Ami available to Pre-Order on iTunes   Leave a comment

Bel Ami is now available to pre-order in the UK iTunes store and will be released 23rd July (the same date as the DVD). The standarad definition costs £9.99 and the HD version £13.99.

Click here or on the picture to open the details in iTunes and pre order.

iTunes / RPUK

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