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Sarah Gadon Mentions Rob in New Interview   Leave a comment

Sarah Gadon talks about media interest in Robert Pattinson


Eric Maddox Talks About Rob and Mission: Blacklist   1 comment

Eric Maddox talks about approving the decision of casting Rob, meeting Rob for 14 hours earlier this month, how committed he is to the project, scouting locations in Iraq and more.

At 11:10 talks about having the final decision on Rob’s casting and 22:38 talks about meeting Rob and more about the movie

or Listen to audio HERE


Robert Pattinson mention – How British actors are dominating Hollywood like never before   1 comment

The Telegraph on-line posted this article that mentions Robert Pattinson

In the 30 years since Colin Welland collected an Oscar for Chariots of Fire and famously declared: “The British are coming!” there have been plenty of false dawns.

British actors flocked to Hollywood only to find themselves cast repeatedly as villains, fops and toffs. But this year’s Cannes Film Festival proves that US studios have finally fallen for the charms of the British leading man.

The three major US films in competition all have British actors playing American leads.

Tom Hardy is the star of Lawless, a Prohibition-era gangster film in which he plays the toughest of three bootlegging brothers in rural Virginia.

Robert Pattinson, he of the teen Twilight franchise, plays the lead in another literary adaptation, Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, as a billionaire Manhattanite.

And the long-awaited adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, that most quintessential of American novels, stars Yorkshire’s Sam Riley as Sal Paradise.

It is a state of affairs mirrored in US television, where British actors are slipping seamlessly into US lead roles, from Hugh Laurie in House to Damian Lewis and David Harewood in Homeland.

Industry watchers say we have entered a golden age for Brits in Hollywood.

“It’s what I call ‘Hugh Laurie Syndrome,” said Tim Gray, editor of trade bible Variety.

“When Laurie appeared in House, Americans said, ‘Who is this actor? I love him, he’s great’. Then we found out he’s British, and it’s like a magician has pulled a trick on you. People like to be fooled sometimes.

“In films, it started with Christian Bale in Batman, who showed that British actors can be better at playing Americans than Americans themselves.

“And now it really is a trend. Hollywood people are very imitative, very superstitious. If something is successful, then let’s repeat it.

“Also, there are a lot of good actors in the world. If you go to any gym in LA, you walk in and there’s 10 really great-looking actors working out. Go to an audition and there’s 20 great-looking actors sitting there. So if you’re looking for somebody with something different, British actors stand out. And there is that element of snob appeal: ‘He’s not only talented but he’s a Brit.’”

The new wave of British actors have also mastered flawless American accents.

Gray said: “In the 1970s, the British would push it a little too hard, they over-enunciated and would say, ‘You stoopid person’.

“Now they are really good. It’s partly the training, and partly because British actors I talk to say they grew up watching US films and TV shows.

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New Robert Pattinson fanmade video   Leave a comment

Here’s a great new fanmade video from FistfulLove:


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Spotted: big Télérama and Premiere posters with Robert Pattinson in France   2 comments

Robert Pattinson is being promoted all over France: these are taken in Nice. Thanks to Twilight-vef France for the pics:


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Cosmopolis ‘Heads Up’ in The Independent – UK   1 comment

From The Independent

What are we talking about? A new film adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel Cosmopolis, following a young billionaire asset manager as he tries to make his way across Manhattan in a very swish limo, in order to get a haircut.

Elevator pitch Through limo glass, darkly: Cronenberg takes R-Patz for a spin through sex, wealth, and death.

Prime movers It’s directed and adapted by David Cronenberg.

The stars Taking the lead is Robert Pattinson, and the rest of the cast is top drawer too: Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti, Jay Baruchel and Kevin Durand all star.

The early buzz Empire, when commenting on a new dark, glitteringly rapid-fire trailer, wrote, “Robert Pattinson is living every wide-eyed Apprentice’s dream in the new trailer for Cosmopolis – seemingly, at any rate. Admittedly, there are more of those Cronenbergian strains of sex, death and paranoia than you’d find around Sir Alan’s [sic] boardroom table.” The Hollywood Reporter says, “it falls upon David Cronenberg’s vehicle Cosmopolis, a nihilistic futuristic drama (is there any other kind?) with a lot of drug-fueled sex and craziness to showcase Pattinson’s acting chops. The film could be another chance for Rob to be just another pretty (if tortured) face … [but Pattinson] claims that Cosmopolis has given him ‘balls’.” Jolly good.

Insider knowledge R-Patz is quite the Cronenberg fan – and openly grateful to the director for giving him a chance in a “serious” flick. So much so, he conducted a 13-hour fashion shoot for French magazine Premiere in order to pay homage to Cronenberg’s work (including hanging out on a sofa with a stomach wound and staging a threesome with himself and a pregnant lady).

It’s great that … Judging by the trailers, it’s going to be a high-octane return to form for Cronenberg – and who knows what interesting impact it could have on the cine tastes of young, impressionable Twi-hards…

It’s a shame that … The most recent trailer proclaims: “Finally the first film about our new millennium” – which seems a little hubristic, to be honest, not to mention uncharitable towards the past 12 years of film.

Hit potential Cosmopolis is at Cannes, where ordinarily its reception might have a big impact – but it’s got R-Patz in it. It’ll do just fine, even if every critic hates it.

The details Cosmopolis is released on 15 June.


French Bel Ami Movie Tie-In Edition   1 comment



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New Project for Robert Pattinson? “Hate Mail”   2 comments

In an article about the ‘Lawless’ afterparty in Cannes, they talk about Michael Benaroya of Benaroya Pictures, producer of the movie, and the movie he’s financing. There’s a Rob mention. Is that one of Rob’s “five projects”? We’ll wait for more info

From The Wrap and Yahoo Movies 

Benaroya, who co-produced “Margin Call” last year, is fully financing “Kill Your Darlings,” a $4 million thriller with Daniel Radcliffe and Michael C. Hall about young beat poets Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac and a murder.

And he’s also financing the $11 million “Hate Mail,” with Scarlett Johansson, Robert Pattinson and Philip Seymour Hall. And he executive produced “The Paperboy,” also screening in competition in Cannes.

That’s a lot of money to be throwing down. Benaroya, apart from noting that he’s only lost money on one movie he’s made thus far, said he likes to gamble.

“I’m a serious poker player,” he said. “People like to underestimate me: ‘You look 25. You look like a nice guy. I’m gonna take you for everything you’ve got.’ They’re often surprised when they don’t.”

If the info in the article is correct, I believe they meant Philip Seymour Hoffman, not Hall. Just a typo.

Old article about ‘Hate Mail’ from Variety (Sept, 2011 – some of the names linked to the project may have changed since this article was posted)

Writing-directing team Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, who became darlings of the indie scene following “Half Nelson” and “Sugar,” have set their next picture, a drama titled “Hate Mail.”

Project will be fully financed by Wayfare Entertainment, which previously produced Fleck and Boden’s adaptation of Ned Vizzini’s novel “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.”

“Hate Mail” will feature interweaving stories about several Manhattanites who encounter various iterations of hate mail and grapple with the subsequent fallout of their relationships.

Project reunites the filmmakers with a quartet of past collaborators, as Jamie Patricof will produce through his Hunting Lane Films banner, while Paul Mezey will produce via his Journeyman Pictures shingle. Wayfare’s Ben Browning and Jeremy Kipp Walker will also produce.

Mezey previously produced “Sugar” and exec produced “Half Nelson,” while Patricof produced both of those films.

Fleck and Boden came on Hollywood’s radar with their short film “Gowanus, Brooklyn,” which bowed at Sundance in 2004 before the duo expanded the story to feature-length with “Half Nelson.” The duo have multiple Indie Spirit Award nominations and Fleck was named one of Variety’s 10 Directors to Watch in 2006.

Fleck and Boden are repped by WME and Management 360.

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