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*VIDEO* interview with David Cronenberg and Brandon Cronenberg at Cannes   Leave a comment

Brandon & David Cronenberg talk about filmmaking, inspiration & more

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Cosmopolis Review by Le Nouvel Observateur   1 comment

Le Nouvel Observateur reviewed Cosmopolis and gave it 4 out of 5 stars! The bullet points below are from the Google translation (ommmmmmmmmmm) but the links to the French articles are below.

  • The film received 4 out of 5 stars noted on Allocine HERE.
  • [Cosmopolis] is puzzling, annoying, surprising, exciting.
  • [Cronenberg] has fun mix of violence and humor, science fiction and gives rise to sorrow, the careless and tragedy.
  • [Pattinson] is perfect: annoying, arrogant, talkative and charming.
  • Robert Pattinson has merit. And charm. Adding that the car is pleasant, with soft lighting and bar in digital gadgets.
  • [Cronenberg’s] film is like no other, is a signature elegance, its willingness to move away from Hollywood is constant.
  • Cosmopolis is the lament of the crisis.
  • David Cronenberg has always loved the mix of genre cinema and philosophy.
  • Two worlds collide: the smooth surfaces, brushed steel, glass, lacquer, and the disorder, old furniture, dirty shirts, peeling walls. That, ultimately, that the hero will see his sad destiny tie. The discomfort, although this is the keyword of Cronenberg film.

You can find the original articles HERE for the the Cosmopolis review and HERE for the Robert Pattinson portion of the review. There is also a summary of the review but it contains a major spoiler if you haven’t read the book. Click HERE for the French version.

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson interview in Vanity Fair Italy   4 comments

Here’s a short snippet from the interview that will be published in the Vanity Fair Italy. The full interview will appear in n. 30 of Vanity Fair which hits newsstands on May 23.

better translation of the Q&A thanks to herm-weasley at pattinsonlife)

He likes to think of as cynical as the character he plays in Cosmopolis, his new film in competition at Cannes, “but the reality is that they are naive.” But the rest has clear ideas

Men in suits, bodyguard in mirrored sunglasses and earphones. The sky above Mahhattan is a gray and, during the two hours of Cosmopolis, will turn increasingly to black.
Eric Packer, golden boy of finance, enter into a limo and its driver, face sculpted by man of the Russian intelligence services, informs him that traffic was paralyzed for the visit of President of the United States. But he is not interested now just needs a good haircut, and the only barber in a position to satisfy the other side of town. (…)

Transpose into a Hollywood movie one of the most visionary novels of Don DeLillo – written in 2001, is a prophecy of Occupy Wall Street and everything that we are living – was an impossible task that only a director like David Cronenberg’s brave could succeed. And just as brave as a director David Cronenberg was reminded of entrusting the starring Robert Pattinson.

It is true that Pattinson is not only Twilight, the saga will end November 14 with
Breaking Dawn – Part 2: between one episode and others, has also starred in Remember Me (2010), Water for Elephants (2011) and the recent Bel Ami. But it is clear that a character like this can do for him the difference between staying anchored to the fangs of the vampire Edward Cullen and be admitted into the club of actors to Serie A.

In Cosmopolis – premiering at Cannes – Pattinson keeps the pallor that made fall in love all over the world, girls and boys grew up, the romantic air of Edward, however, has disappeared. (…)

Do you have any idea why David Cronenberg chose you?
I don’t, to be honest. But I never wondered why, I’m just happy he did.

In “Cosmopolis” there are sex scenes which are quite explicit: weren’t you embarrassed?
I was more nervous for the actresses. When a man takes off his clothes he may feel stupid, but in the end he enjoys himself. I think it’s different for a woman, more problematic.

In real life, are you more sweet or passionate?
Passionate, I hope.

One of your best friends, British actor Tom Sturridge, is having a baby with Sienna Miller. Would you like to become a father?
Sure. Not right now, but yes, of course.

Have you made any plans with Kristen yet?
Not yet. We haven’t planned anything.

Do you feel ready to move in with her?
[sings to hide the embarrassment] I’m ready for everything.

Belgium: win tickets to the premiere of Cosmopolis may 30th!   1 comment

Belga Films and Breaking Dawn Forever are giving away tickets to the premiere of Cosmopolis in Belgium on May 30th.

Google translation:

You want to win his movie tickets, well it is simple!

Send me an e-mail at the following address:
With subject: Contest Cosmopolis

In this mail you should include:
Your Name your first name and complete mailing address!

And the answer to both questions:
– Who is the author of the novel Cosmopolis?
– Who are the two actors playing the French side of Robert Pattinson
Cosmopolis in the film?

You have until midnight Wednesday, May 23 to send me your entries!

Contest open only to Belgium! One entry per household!
Any email received incomplete and after midnight on May 23 will not betaken into account

Tickets are available for the theater of your choice in Belgium
if you want to see the list of sites you visit and!

the two lucky winners will be randomly selected from the correct answers
Good Luck to one and all! 8-p

Thank you a thousand times yet to Belga Films for this contest!


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*VIDEO* French TV Télématin talks Cosmopolis   1 comment

French spoken. sorry for the non translation:

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Master Post: Links & Info For ‘Cosmopolis’ Promo + the World Premiere at Cannes 2012   7 comments

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 Links to all the latest Cosmopolis promo coverage, premieres and interviews.

June 4th Cosmopolis Toronto Premiere

MQ & Fan Pics: Inside Theater: Here | Red Carpet: Here | Here
Videos: HERE | Q&A 

Photocall: MQ pics | HQ Pics | MQ Pics | HQ Pics | HQ Pics
Press Conference: Full Video | HQ Pics | AUDIO | Quotes | Quotes 2

June 1st Cosmopolis London Q&As + Screening
Details here and here

HQ Pics: Here | Here

Fan Pics + Tweets: (apple Store) HereHere | (Curzon) Here

Curzon Q&A Transcript: HERE
Videos: (apple store) Here | (curzon cinema) Here
Full Curzon Q&A Video: Here
Full Apple Store Q&A Video: Here

May 31st Cosmopolis Berlin Premiere

HQ Pics: Here | Here | Here
MQ Pics: Here
Fan Pics: Here | Here
Videos: Here | Here | Here | Here

May 30th Cosmopolis Paris Premiere

HQ Pics: Here | Here
Fan Pics: Here | Here | Here   MQ Pics: Here
Videos: Here | Here Here |Here | Here | Here | Here
Full Q&A From Inside the Screening: Here
Fun Radio Interview: Here
Le Petit Journal (TV): Screencaps | Video (and transcript)

May 29th Cosmopolis Portugal Premiere + Second screening

MQ & 
Fan Pics: Here | Here | Here
Videos: Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here

Press Conference: HQ Pics | Article/Pic | Article/Videos
Pics with Fans | Arriving | Article/Pic | Pictures/Quotes | Video  Full Press Conference video: Here

Cosmopolis: Behind the Scenes Video + Clip: Here

Cosmopolis World Premiere at Cannes May 25th:

HQ Pics: Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Portraits
Fan Pics: Here | Here | Here | Here
Videos: Here | Here | Here Here | Here  Screencaps: Here

Photo Call: HQ Pictures + Here & Here | MQVideo | Fan Pictures
Press Conference: HQ Pics | HQ Pics | MQ Pics | Video
Full Press Conference Video: Here 

May 23rd ‘On The Road’ Premiere appearance:

Pics of Rob arriving: Here | Here   MQ Pics on the red carpet: Here    Fan Pics: Here   Videos: Here | Interview
HQ Pics on the red carpet: Here | Here | Here | Here | Here

May 24th Press:

TV: Rob on Le Grand Journal: Video | Video Photo Session | HQ Pictures | HQ Pictures | HQ Pictures | Screencaps | Fan Pictures | more fanpics | More FanpicsAnother Video | Fan Video

Interviews: Cosmopolis On-Set Interview | | CanalPlus (Rob & Cronenberg) | Metro France + Pics | TF1 | TF3 | France 2 Journal 2o | TG1 HERE and HERE | USA Today | Rai News | Paul Giamatti | metro France | Allocine | BFMTV | Viva Press UK | Huftington Post | Next Liberation | RTL Shortlist | Noticias Caracol  | Atual | 20 Minutes (cronenberg) | Costume Designer | Pure Channel | The Playlist | Belgian TV | STV | USA Today & Here | Shortlist | Cine Télé Revue | All Access | Empire Mag | David Cronenberg on Map of the Stars | CityTalk & ETalk | ET Canada & Here | CBC Toronto | Tribute Movies | Cinematrix | Cineplex | Vancouver Sun | Now Toronto | Le Monde | TheGlobeandMail | Toronto Sun | | ET Tonight | David Cronenberg CBC | EW | Richard Crouse | Day&Night | Pathé | CTV News | Total Film & HERE| The Guardian UK | The Sunday Times | Cinebox | Sucré SaléBBC News | Paul Giamatti & Sarah Gadon | Yahoo | MSN UK | HeyUGuys 

Reviews:  Clemenceau | Multiple Review Post | Les inRocks | More Multiple Reviews | Toronto.Com

cosmopolis ticket image source | please note that no members of Thinking of Rob attended any of the above events.

Info/Flyer Cosmopolis After Party Cannes On May 25   3 comments

Info Show Cannes: HERE

UPDATE: Win a chance to attend via Top Film!

Всем, кто в Каннах! Приглашаем на after-party по случаю премьеры фильма Космополис и закрытия конкурсной программы кинофестиваля.

Условия для получения пригласительного.
Пишите сообщение о себе, о Ваших интересах, и почему Вы хотите пойти на вечеринку. Спасибо.
P.S. Для написания сообщения необходимо кликнуть на него в правом верхнем углу странички.

Google translate:

Everyone who at Cannes! Welcome to the after-party on the occasion of the premiere of Cosmopolis and the closure of the competition program of the festival.

The conditions for receiving the invitation.
Write a message about yourself, your interests, and why you want to go to a party. Thank you.
P.S. To write a message, click on it in the top right corner of the page.


Thank you to Adelestew for the contest tip! 

@deadcombo via: Rplife

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