NEW Video from the ‘Cosmopolis’ Press Conference in Portugal – Rob Talks About His Most Difficult Scene To Film

Video from the press conference in Portugal. Added a transcript as its difficult to hear.


What was his most difficult scene to film/to act?

Robs answer at 1.45: “There was a scene that made me incredibly uncomfortable, the rave scene. That was the only scene where there were a lot of extras around that could actually hear what I was saying. They were pretending to rave, but it was totally silent, I think I had like 2 lines, and when youre pretending to speak over music youve really got to shout it. So I was like “YES” and every single person is just, over hearing that, thinking what is this film, so weird. Yeah that was a little bit nerve wracking. But its one of my favourtie scenes in the movie.”