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More New HQ Pictures of Rob at the Cosmopolis Premiere in Berlin   Leave a comment

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*VIDEO* New Rob Interview from the Cosmopolis Berlin Press Junket   2 comments

Dubbed, but you can hear what he says (most of the time)


New Red Carpet Interview with Robert Pattinson from Cosmopolis Screening in paris   2 comments


So Rob where do you feel the best, in Cannes or in Paris?
Rob: I mean I’ve never been to cannes outside the Festival so I’m not sure how I would be.

The movie might be a tad complicated for the fans.
Rob: yeah, I mean, I think it’s funny when people scream before the screening and it’s such a strange movie. But I know that out of every audience, I hope that one or two people will really connect to it.

What are you plans for this summer? Ibiza, St Bart or le lavandoou
Rob: No, I haven’t worked in ages. I need to start working soon. I really wanna start working.

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*VIDEOS* of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg at the Q&A at Apple Store   2 comments

Entering the event



*VIDEO* More from Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis On Set Interview   2 comments

There are some new parts of Rob and Cronenberg on-set interviews, but they’re dubbed. You can try to listen

ETA: Translation added. Thanks to @london_robsten

Rob: I was interested in the script because it looked like a long and mysterious poem. Usually when you read a script you suddenly get what it’s about, where it’s going and how it will end.

Rob: This time was different because the more I kept reading it the more I didn’t seem to understand where it was going but more I wanted to be in the movie. That movie doesn’t belong to any genre it’s on its own.

Rob: It was hard to interpret a character who doesn’t go trough an evident evolution or follow a predictable path, I mean it does but it’s an incredible evolution that doesn’t happen in the same in which the characters usually change. David was able to control the whole thing I’ve never worked with a director that has such control over his movie and consider himself the head of every aspects of it

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HQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson & David Cronenberg at the Apple Store London Q&A   3 comments

HQ pics of Rob and David:

More pics after jump

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Sarah Gadon talks about Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis   1 comment

So what commentary does the film make? The book is pretty condemning—

SG: Yeah! This is for the one percent descending from their yacht at Cannes to watch a film that points to a gap in society. I think the movie lends itself to a meta-critique of the film industry. Take casting someone like Rob at the centre of this film. He is the symbol of pop cinema, the symbol of capitalism. The film is about the breakdown of that.

And his character’s so hubristic. He tries to tap into this technological system that’s supposed to order the world around him, the dollars and cents of his life, the free market. And we watch it all fall—really hard.

SG: When I read critiques of the film, I think people miss what you’re saying. They ask, “Why is Robert Pattinson in this movie?” Even for David to cast somebody like me who is blonde, blue-eyed and twenty-five and normally reads scripts where I am hyper sexualized or solve everyone’s problem with my smile. He cast me as a character who will not allow her romantic lead to project anything onto her that she will absorb, it’s kind of unheard of. And there is a difference between [Elise] in the book and the Elise that David wrote. In that the last scene between Eric and Elise, in the book, Eric projects onto an accepting Elise. For me, the best part about ending their narrative in the restaurant, in the movie, is that she ends it and she’s out and that’s it.

Read more over at Toronto Sun

David Cronenberg talks about Robert Pattinson and ‘Maps To The Stars’   2 comments

The British actor Pattinson looks set to become the renowned sci-fi horror director’s new muse. Playing the financial genius Eric Packer – who heads across New York in a white limousine in search of a hair cut – he appears in every scene of Cronenberg’s new film Cosmopolis, which competed for the Palme D’or at the years Cannes Film Festival and opens in UK cinemas June 15.

Cronenberg today described the star of the Twilight franchise as “a beautiful actor who often responds to scenes without even realising what he’s doing. That’s why I love him.”

Pattinson will perform opposite Viggo Mortensen, best known for his role as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings franchise, who starred in Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method. The two are regarded as creative partners.

Speaking in London today, the Canadian director of The Fly, Scanners and eXistenz said: “There’s a brilliant script by an author friend of mine called Bruce Wagner. All of his books are fantastic. I tried to get this script off the ground five years ago, but I couldn’t get it made. In a way its like Cosmopolis; it’s a difficult sell. It’s edgy in a nasty, disturbing way. It has emotion, but it has a weird emotion like Cosmopolis.

“It’s hard to make difficult movies. When you have very credible actors who bring a lot of attention like Viggo Mortensen and Robert Pattinson, you think it would be easy to raise 15 million dollars, but it’s not.”

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More New Fan Pics and Videos of Robert Pattinson from the German Cosmopolis Premiere   3 comments

Here are few new fan pics and videos of Rob at the German Cosmopolis screening. Thanks to German Twilighters for sharing these with us!

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*VIDEOS* more red carpet interviews with Rob in Berlin   1 comment

2 More Red Carpet interviews – they’re dubbed, but the dubbing is not so bad (thanks @veronicaspuffy)

And another one from

Interview with him starts at about 3:00

New one from ZDF 

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