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*VIDEO* Sarah Gadon talks about Robert Pattinson with eTalk   1 comment

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UK! Win A Signed ‘Cosmopolis’ Poster From @HeyUGuys   Leave a comment

To mark the release of Cosmopolis this week, Entertainment One have given us a signed poster for the new movie. The poster has been signed by star of the movie, Robert Pattinson and legendary director David Cronenberg.

To enter, simply click here

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Great new Breaking Dawn part 2 wallpaper and twitter background   2 comments

Here’s a great new wallpaper of Breaking Dawn part 2 made by Kainat21:

*UPDATE* here’s a great twitterbackground by @_iwry_

*VIDEOS* Full Robert Pattinson and cast interviews with George Stroumboulopoulos   1 comment

we’ve posted videos about it before HERE but some got pulled so here’s a new link:

Full interview:

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson interview with Filmbeat TV   Leave a comment


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Great Cosmopolis Review from LoveFilm “What price a haircut these days?”   2 comments

From LoveFilm

Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) is not just another Wall Street hotshot, not just another Master of the Universe or Gordon Gekko clone, he’s a cross between Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs – only younger and better looking.

Packer wants a haircut, and he knows where he wants to get it too. He’ll conduct his business in his limo – it’s an office on wheels, really – and get across New York City if it kills him. Which it might, because the President is in town and there have been threats and menaces. Also there’s a celebrity funeral procession – one of the high priests of rap has died, “natural causes” – so the streets are murder. Packer’s people are not happy. But what Packer wants, Packer gets, you can be sure of that.

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*VIDEO* David Cronenberg talks about working with Robert Pattinson in an interview with TotalFilm – London Press Junket   3 comments


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In our exclusive video interview below, Cronenberg talks at length about not only Cosmopolis, but also several of the most significant films from his prolific career.

From casting Twilight’s Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, to the controversy that continues to cling to Crash, and from The Fly’s actor-repelling make-up effects to Videodrome’s haphazard shoot, the director talks candidly and articulately, offering incredible insight into how his approach to moviemaking has developed over the years.

So settle in for an audience with Cronenberg, and get watching the video below:

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New Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Interview from Cannes   Leave a comment

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Robert Pattinson & Cosmopolis on the Cover of Sight & Sound Magazine – UK   3 comments

Sight And Sound Magazine – July 2012

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Dutch Breaking Dawn teaser poster   2 comments

Thanks to Independent Films: