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Great New Robert Pattinson Interview with Sonntagszeitung – Switzerland   4 comments

The vampire, that’s all past now. Around Christmas though, the last long-completed “Twilight” movie will hit the cinema, however, the British Robert Pattinson, 26, doesn’t play a bloodsucker anymore. In “Cosmopolis” he’s a barracuda who lets himself chauffeur in a stretched limo around Manhattan. The movie, based on the novel by Don DeLillo, is directed by the master director David Cronenberg. Therewith Pattinson has definitely arrived in the cinema of the big ones. Or not? He shows up for the interview on deck of a luxury hotel in Cannes with a pink lollipop.

Does it taste good, Mr Pattinson?
Oh I like these. Does it bother you when I suck?

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*SCANS* Bel Ami in French Magazines   Leave a comment

Here are some scans of Bel Ami in French Magazines – Public & Femme Actuelle

Is the film worth its trailer?

Robert climbs the social ladder by making out with women of all ages in this period film. Twilight’s actor displays his many smiles showing teeth to several ingénues and behaving like he is in “Dangerous Liaisons”. He is lacking Malkovitch’s iota of perversion in order to match his colleague. This will happen some day as Robert is keen to learn and is only at the beginning of his career.

Comment on photograph: Give up Uma, Robert won’t give you his phone number!

The film review gave 3 stars out of five for Bel Ami.

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