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Pics from the Q & A at the Cosmopolis Toronto Premiere   2 comments

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More from Rob’s interview with USA Today   4 comments


Sure there have been car movies in the past. But there has never been a movie that has taken place almost entirely inside of a car. Until now.

Enter Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg’s surreal look at the world of finance — set in the back of a stretch white limousine winding it’s way through the crowded streets of New York City.

Robert Pattinson, who spends nearly every scene of the movie in the plush back seat, says even he was surprised by how much took place in the back in the limited environment.

“When I saw the script, about 70% of it was in the limo,” Pattinson tells USA TODAY. “But as we were shooting, (Cronenberg) kept adding even more scenes. I started feeling like it was (the German U-boat classic) Das Boat, like we were stuck in this weird submarine movie.”

Even Pattinson’s communication with Cronenberg was through the limousine’s intercom from inside this sealed world. Meanwhile, the back of the limo serves as the stage for some crazy stuff, street riots and the like. In one scene Pattinson’s banker character actually seduces the lovely French actress Juliet Binoche. Naturally the sex scene takes place in the tight back seat, which led to some comical moments for Pattinson.

“There’s not enough space to really do it,” he says. “So she’s banging her head on the ceiling. It ended up being kind of funny. But its supposed to be kind of erotic.”

But the most bizarre scene, and no doubt another movie first, is another seduction moment.

“There’s a scene where I am having to seduce (a woman) while being completely naked having a prostate exam in the back of the limousine,” laughs Pattinson. “They don’t really see it that very often in movies.”


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*VIDEO* Rob and David’s Interview with ET Canada   3 comments

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HQ Pics of Rob at the Cosmopolis Toronto Premiere   2 comments

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MQ and Fan Pics of Rob at the Cosmopolis Toronto Premiere   3 comments

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Audio from the Cosmopolis Press Conference in Toronto   1 comment

In Part 1, Richard speaks to producer Martin Katz and director David Cronenberg. In Part 2 he speaks to Robert Pattinson.

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Quotes from the Toronto Cosmopolis Press Conference   1 comment

From 570news:

TORONTO – With its heady storyline, poetic literary dialogue and no room for improvisation or rehearsal, the new film “Cosmopolis”  had several of its stars fretting before cameras got rolling.

Chief among them was Robert Pattinson, who admits to being in the “very obvious throes of a panic attack” before production began in Toronto in May 2011.

At a Toronto press conference on Monday, the “Twilight” heart-throb said he and co-star Jay Baruchel were “absolutely terrified” when shooting the first scene of the film that’s based on the 2003 Don DeLillo novel of the same name.

Director David Cronenberg’s calm demeanour put him at ease, as did a pre-shoot chat at the filmmaker’s house in which he told him to “stop worrying.”

“I think you were just placating me by saying to come around,” Pattinson told Cronenberg with a laugh at the media event attended by the director and several of the film’s stars.

“But I think you just said, when we started shooting, ‘What will be will be.'”

Pattinson is earning raves for his performance in the film, which recently debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and opens across Canada on Friday.

He plays Eric Packer, a stony 28-year-old Manhattan billionaire asset manager who goes on a fantastical road odyssey in his white stretch limo to get a haircut at the other end of the city. Along the way he runs into a mess of traffic caused by a visit from the U.S. president as well as anti-globalization protests.

As Eric meets with various associates both inside and outside the limo, he encounters some sexy, gory and life-threatening scenarios — all while ruminating on his lost fortunes and his mortality.

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Robert Pattinson talks MMAs ‘Best Kiss Award’, Cosmopolis and more with ET Canada   1 comment

From ET Canada

After filming Cosmopolis right here in Toronto, RPatz has brought his entire crew back to T Dot for the Canadian premiere tonight! Well, everyone except his girlfriend Kristen Stewart that is (darn!)

But he did tell ET Canada‘s Roz Weston today he was excited about winning MTV’s Best Kiss Award, which Kristen picked up for both of them last night in LA.

“It’s nice that it’s been quite a few times,” he says of the trophy. “I would be disappointed if it wasn’t, then I would know it’s all rigged.”

Cosmopolis is of course a far cry from Twilight – and the actor wasn’t convinced at first… but thankfully everyone else around him was: “It took about 40 people to tell me I am being an idiot for not doing it… I got so many people to read the script.”

And Twihards, here is an interesting fact: Rob goes on the fan sites to see what you think of his movies, so be kind!

“I think Reese Witherspoon said when you are feeling good about yourself you don’t look at it, when you feel bad you look at it to make yourself feel worse,” Rob reveals.

More tonight on ET Canada!


Robert Pattinson’s interview with CBC – Toronto Press Junket   1 comment

Paul Giamatti talks about Rob – Starts at 3:25

Facing roles in David Cronenberg’s new film Cosmopolis, actors Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti said they felt terror and intimidation at the daunting project.

A critique of capitalism and the financial industry, Cronenberg’s film draws dialogue and lengthy exchanges straight from the 2003 Don DeLillo novel that inspired it.

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Full videos of Robert Pattinson at the Curzon Q&A in London   2 comments

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