Rob talks Cosmopolis and auditioning for the Rover with Le Monde   1 comment

The limo in which travels the powerful trader (played by Robert Pattinson), on an apocalyptic morning in New York, – where he sees from time to time the world he thought he possessed, slipping through his fingers – felt for a long time like a coffin for the actor, who though he would never get out of.

“Cronenberg disguised me with sunglasses. You have no idea how unsettling it is for an actor to be deprived of their eyes. Then the limo became the center of the film, where all the actors would appear in, one by one. Like Juliette Binoche, for example, who I never thought I would meet one day. That is when, I finally felt liked I existed. It might have been the first time.”

When he auditioned for The Rover, the next David Michod (the Austrlian director of Animal Kingdom, one of the most remarkable police movie of the decade): “I waited for seven hours, but I made it. They chose me and it’s going to be a great movie.” When he said that, he held his head high with the pride of someone who landed the role using his teeth, aware that nothing will be offered to him on a plate.

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