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New interview with David Cronenberg for Le Monde and THR   1 comment

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Rob talks Cosmopolis and auditioning for the Rover with Le Monde   1 comment

The limo in which travels the powerful trader (played by Robert Pattinson), on an apocalyptic morning in New York, – where he sees from time to time the world he thought he possessed, slipping through his fingers – felt for a long time like a coffin for the actor, who though he would never get out of.

“Cronenberg disguised me with sunglasses. You have no idea how unsettling it is for an actor to be deprived of their eyes. Then the limo became the center of the film, where all the actors would appear in, one by one. Like Juliette Binoche, for example, who I never thought I would meet one day. That is when, I finally felt liked I existed. It might have been the first time.”

When he auditioned for The Rover, the next David Michod (the Austrlian director of Animal Kingdom, one of the most remarkable police movie of the decade): “I waited for seven hours, but I made it. They chose me and it’s going to be a great movie.” When he said that, he held his head high with the pride of someone who landed the role using his teeth, aware that nothing will be offered to him on a plate.

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*SCAN* Reactions to Cosmopolis from the French press in ‘Le Monde’   2 comments

An actor is born – Télérama.

Unsettling – Studio Ciné Live

Pattinson is mind-blowing – Positif

Cronenberg chose Pattinson. A brilliant idea on both counts. – Les Inrockuptibles

Robert Pattinson revels a depth more and more fascinating. – Première

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David Cronenberg and Don DeLillo talks about Robert Pattinson with Le Monde   1 comment

Some quotes look familiar because they’re asking the same questions, but looks like it’s a new interview. They talk more about Rob.

Le Monde: This way of perceiving a script can suprise coming from an author so versed in genre movies?

David Cronenberg: It is often thought that the cinema is a visual art. I think that for me, it’s a more complicated combination. For me, the heart of cinema is a face that talks. It’s what we film the most. I heard someone say that the last 22 minutes of the movie – where’s there is only Paul Giamatti and Robert Pattinson in a room – is like theater. I don’t think so. In a play, you woudln’t have wide shots, movements from the camera, change of lighting. This is cinema. Without close-ups, there’s no cinema.


Le Monde: And Robert Pattinson?

DonDeLillo: The character he plays is really close to the one in the book. I haven’t seen Twilight, but I impressed my two 13 years old nieces when I told them the British Robert Pattinson was going to play in a movie adapted from one of my books. They respect me now!

David Cronenberg: Casting is an occult art. It’s a matter of intuition. There’s objectives factors tho. The character is 28, he’s american. We needed someone who would look that age and that could do a perfect American accent. The movie is partnership between France and Canada. Also, I could only use one American actor and for me, it was Paul Giamatti. I could get an English actor tho.
Then of course, there’s the presence of the actor, he has to be able to portray a complex, crual, brutal and almost vulgar character in a way. He has to be really sophisticated and vulnerable at the same time, naiive and childish. If only to make people believe that he’s capable of accomplishing so much, he needs strength and charisma. Moreover, he’s in every scene. It doesn’t mean he has to be handsome bu he has to be nice enough to look at for an hour and a half. And to finish, he needs to have some kind of notoriety. When a movie cost some kind of budget, you need to be able to tease your financial partners. And with all these restrictions, the list of actors you need, gets shorter. I thought about Rob pretty early on.

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