New Robert Pattinson Interview with Total Film – Talks Cosmopolis, Mission: Blacklist, The Rover and BD – Part 2   3 comments

Let’s talk about Cosmopolis. It’s a game-changer for you…
I saw it and I liked it. I don’t normally like my stuff but I didn’t really recognise myself.

How did David Cronenberg guide your performance?
We both started out not really knowing exactly what it was about but knowing it was interesting. I was trying to prepare for it, but the time it felt most right [while filming] was when you didn’t know what you were doing. David had this uncanny sense of seeing when I didn’t know what I was doing and that was always the take that he liked.

There’s a scene where you have an anal examination…
David told me that the shot was going to be from between my legs. He knew I was a young actor trying to look I was willing to do anything for the job. He was like, “I want to shoot it… and just cup the frame with your balls at the top.” I genuinely believed him and had to go to his trailer and say, “I dunno if I can do that…”

Was taking the film out ot Cannes a validation for you?
It’s amazing. I was so terrified to do it at the beginning and thought I was going to fuck it up and everyone’s going to say “Cronenberg’s sold out…” so to get it at Cannes is the coolest thing ever. Getting the movie, getting it to Cannes and getting the movie I got recently are three of the happiest moments of my life.

Speaking of the next movie…
I’m doing Mission: Blacklist with Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire who made Johnny Mad Dog. Hopefully that’ll shoot in Iraq, which will be fun. Then I’m doing Rover with [Animal Kingdom’s] David Michôd.

And Breaking Dawn: Part 2 – what can fans expect?
It’s one of the funniest ones out of all of them. I think Bill [Condon, director] has really captured the absurdity of it.

Will it be a relief not to go back to being Edward Cullen?
A relief not to put the contact lenses in. It’s been absolutely awful having those stupid things in my eyes. Even if they said, “We’ll give you a billion dollars to do ti again,” I don’t now that I’d want to!


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3 responses to “New Robert Pattinson Interview with Total Film – Talks Cosmopolis, Mission: Blacklist, The Rover and BD – Part 2

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  1. Aww, don’t say that Rob, we know you’d do it all over again!! Yay!! ;))

  2. I worry about Rob……the pressure he is under could harm him. Wish people would stop twisting every thing he says!
    We won’t read the made up crap…..

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