US Cosmopolis Giveaway! Enter to Win a Prize Pack That Includes The Book, Soundtrack & Poster   104 comments

Courtesy of eOnefilmsUS, we are hosting a giveaway for a Cosmopolis Prize pack that includes the book, the soundtrack and a movie poster. 

To enter just leave a comment below. We will number the comments and pick a winner using You have until tomorrow 8am EDT to enter. One entry per person please. 

This giveaway is for the US only. 

Contest winner is….

Posted August 16, 2012 by justfp in Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson

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104 responses to “US Cosmopolis Giveaway! Enter to Win a Prize Pack That Includes The Book, Soundtrack & Poster

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  1. 1) yay! thanks for doing this! can’t wait to see Cosmopolis!

    • 32) Okay, here’s my comment! Can’t wait to see this movie………………….but I’ll have to. Every time I watch a trailer, see the fantastic interviews I want it even more. I guess that’s August 24th! Yeah!

  2. 2) I hope I win I love Rob !

  3. 3) I’ve gotta say this movie looks Trippy, but that could be a good thing too. Nice to see Rob taking on more and more unusual roles!

  4. 4) Hey! (I didint know what else to comment) LOL. But the book cover with Rob looks awesome!

  5. 5) LOVE YOU ROB, can’t wait to see this movie!

  6. 6) Really hoping that i win! I have wanted to read this book so bad 🙂

  7. 7) I’d like to be entered. Thanks.

  8. 8) I totally need a Cosmopolis poster for my room 😀 I love Rob and the movie looks great!

  9. 9) Love Rob! I hope I win!!! 🙂

  10. 10) Looking forward to my trip to NYC next week from PA to see Cosmopolis! NYC is the best place to see a Robert Pattinson movie. I travelled there to see Little Ashes & was there for the Water for Elephants premiere. Cosmopolis looks amazing….. I cannot wait! I’m gonna see it 3 times in a row so I don’t miss a word!!!

    Teresa mirabella
  11. 11) Always a supporting fan of Rob! Can’t wait to see the movie! ❤

  12. 12) Love Rob so much! This movie will be amazing! cant wait to see it 😀 praying that i win the contest

  13. 13) Very awesome of you to be doing this! Can’t wait to see the movie. Thank you! 🙂

  14. 14) I can’t wait to see the movie! Robert is a great actor!

  15. 15) Thank you for this, I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis.

  16. 16) Great giveaway! I hope I win! Can’t wait to see this film!

  17. 17) I love rob! Proud of him and all of his much earned success! Hope I win and can’t wait to see the movie which I know will deliver!!

    Marisol Alvarado
  18. I wish i could particepate in ths..i live in pakistan:(have seen all movies of rob 20 times each..and cant wait to see cosmopolis and more upcomings..

  19. 18) I cant wait to see the movie! Watching the Times Talk makes me want to see it all the more! David Cronenberg seems like an amazing director!

  20. 19) Sweet! I would love to win this. I am looking forward to next week when it opens nationwide and I can go see it!

  21. 20) Awesome give-away! I would love to win. I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis!!!! Keep up the great work on the website!

  22. 21) Can’t wait to see this movie!

  23. 22) OMG Rob what an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for thinking of your fans *snickers*. Love you girls

  24. 23) im so excited for this movie! i cant wait for it to come out! rob is so talented and will be amazing in it! 🙂

  25. 24) Rob is a truly talented actor I’m glad he was allowed to prove to the world what his fan’s already knew,He is Oscar worthy!

  26. 25) Thank you for the opportunity to win this Cosmopolis give away. I would be beyond excited to win, thank you!!!!

  27. I want one!!! lol x

  28. 26) Would love to win this prize pack……. Love all of Rob’s movies!

  29. Damn, just spotted, US only .. ignore my post! lol

  30. 27) Omg I am so excited, he did a great job in all the interviews for this movie so far. Can’t wait to see it!

  31. 28) Thank you ladies! You’re awesome! I can’t wait to watch it!

  32. 29) Wide release can’t come fast enough….

  33. 30) Oooooo……..please, please let me be the lucky one!! LOL!!
    Can’t wait for this movie to be released nationwide!!!

  34. 31) Can’t wait to see this movie. It looks amazing! Also it wouldn’t hurt to win this either!

  35. 33) This has to be one of the strangest books I’ve ever read. I am so looking forward to the movie to help make sense of it all! The previews of Rob as Eric Packer are simply stunning.

  36. 34) Love Rob!! Can’t wait to see this movie

  37. 35) I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis

  38. 36) I would love to win all these great things into giveaway. I bought tickets to the film and can’t wait to see it. To have the book and poster would be a fans dream. Hope I get to win.

    Samantha J Gabriel
  39. 37) Rob is amazing in all his movies! I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis!!

  40. 38) As a Cronenberg fan since the 80’s this looks like a return to form for him, and the fact that Rob is starring in it is just the icing on the cake. Damn I want that prize pack. Just sayin’.

  41. 39) The book was a hard read for me and I never finished it so it would be great to win this and force myself to try again. After seeing Rob in the movie, it might make it easier 🙂

  42. 40) Cannot wait to see this movie!

  43. 41) So pumped to see this movie!

  44. 42) I am dying to see this new vehicle of Rob’s!!! He is totally doing a different kind of role in this movie!! I see from the trailers that it won’t be boring and will capture my attention because it is so avant-garde!!! Way to go Cronenberg for casting Robert Pattinson in the lead role!!

  45. 43) I want to win!! Love giveaways @marysolsm

  46. 44) I can’t wait to see this movie! Hope I win 🙂

  47. 45) Super excited to see this movie!

  48. 46) So thrilled to finally have Cosmopolis released in the US…. Everyone needs to see this movie several times.

  49. 47) I’m still trying to get his autograph…thanks. Can’t wait to see Cosmopolis.

  50. 48) Thanks for doing this contest! 🙂

    *fingers crossed to win*

  51. 49) I am so excited to see this film! Thank you so much for this giveaway. 🙂

  52. 50) Can’t wait to see this movie! (:

  53. 51) can’t wait to see rob all hot and gucci-fied. 🙂

  54. 52) So excited to see the movie! I love all the great reviews it is getting…only making me more excited! 🙂

  55. 53) SInce it is currently not being scheduled to be shown in the Detroit area I guess the hopes of winning this prize is the best I can ask for. Thank you ToR of hosting this and supporting Rob. eOne please show in Detroit.

  56. 54) I really hope this movie comes out close by so I can see it. Been looking forward to it for a long time.

  57. 55) Ready for Cosmopolis! Driving to LA to see it! Landmark Theater here we come!

    Rebecca Doll-Suppes
  58. 56) Really looking forward to the movie coming out on the 24th!!! The trailers have been great!!

  59. 57) This movie is going to be so awesome. Is this giveaway true Roboliscious or what?

  60. 58) The movie looks awesome, can’t wait to watch it…I want me some Rob 🙂

  61. 59) Any Movie Regardless Of Title Is Worth Seeing When The One And Only Robert Pattinson Is Part Of It…I Look Forward To Anything Pertaining To This Man…Not Only His Actor Side But His Normal Off Camera Self Is Still Completely Breathtaking.

  62. 60) Hope to win! Good luck everyone! ^~^

  63. 61) Oh wow this would be amazing to win!!!

  64. 62) Can’t wait to see Cosmopolis! Rob looks marvelous!

  65. 63) What a great give away…I would love to win… crossing my fingers… and wishing on a star. I’m going to the opening tomorrow night at Lincoln Center where David will be talking to the audience. My secret hope is Rob will make a surprise visit. One can hope. lol

  66. 64) Well….what can I comment on? So Rob – how are things? Just kidding. Seriously thanks TOR Girls for keeping us all up to date on the NYC Promo’s. I hope you all can sleep all weekend!


  67. 65) Can’t wait to see cosmopolis!!

    crystal boulanger
  68. 66) I can’t wait to see this movie!! Thanks to the TOR girls for keeping up updates on the interviews and stills:)

  69. 67) I love getting all the updates and can’t wait to see the movie.

  70. 68) I can’t wait til I finally get to see Cosmopolis! Maybe I should read the book as well.

  71. 69) I’d love to win this contest as much I as love Rob! 😉

  72. 70) Would love to win this.

  73. 71) I hope i win i love rob

  74. 72) I’m excited for Rob and the success of this movie! He’s amazing! Team Pattinson all the way!

  75. 73) Can’t wait to see Packinson in action!

  76. 74) This is a great giveaway for you to do! Too bad we have to wait another whole week for Cosmopolis to premiere nationwide!

  77. 75) Sqweeeeeee, pick me. pick me. 🙂

  78. 76) I can’t wait to see this movie!! Feel like i’ve been waiting forever!!

  79. 77) Looking forward to see this movie!!

  80. 78) I cannot wait to see Cosmopolis. It looks like Rob’s best role yet! If that is even possible! 🙂 I am so proud of him.

    Kellie Robsessed
  81. 79) Hope the movie comes to San Antonio. I really want to see it.

  82. 80) I ❤ U Guys!!!!! *BIG FURRY HUGS* 😀

  83. 81) I am soo excited I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis!! Rob is gonna be fantastic cause he’s an amazing brilliant talented actor!!! I absolutely luv him!!!

  84. 82) I wish Cosmopolis were coming to my area but the nearest is 3 in half hours away.

  85. 83) this is so totally awesome that u guys are doing this for us i am so excited to see this movie!!!

  86. 84) this movie is going to be a great one because i think it will be so great that people will be talking about it for a long time

  87. 85) This movie will be sooo good. I have read the book (not an easy thing to do) and I love love love Rob. I, too , am proud of his success in this movie and his great reviews. I really want to see this, but unless they release it later all over the USA, then I’ll just have to wait for the DVD. I would love to win this prize. I am sure I am Rob’s oldest fan – he’s like a beloved grandchild to me! Thanks for the opportunity.

  88. 86) Can’t wait to see it!

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  90. 87) Winning this contest would be really, really cool.

  91. 88) Thank you!

  92. 89) Hi.Just thinking about me getting the Book,Poser and Soundtrack sends Butterflies in my stomach.I must say that here in India,Cosmopolis won’t release but If i get to read the book ,maybe I could get to know Not So Nihilistic Eric Packer and his Life a Lot Better.Thank you.If I win.I’ll love Rob even more..:)

    Avantika Singhal
  93. 90) Cant wait to see Rob in this!!

  94. 91) Awesome giveaway! Can’t wait to see Cosmopolis!

  95. 92) I love Robert Pattinson… 🙂

  96. 93) You gals are awesome! I hope I win 😉

  97. 94) Love the site and can’t wait to see the movie!!

  98. 95) So wishing & hoping that Cosmopolis comes to local theatre after watching interviews and hearing so many good reviews.

  99. 96) Cant wait to see this movie. Rob’s press for this movie has been great!

  100. *************************************CONTEST OVER***********************************************

  101. It’s great to see Rob do promotional work for a film he’s so proud of!

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