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Here’s part two of our monthly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr. To check out part one, click here


“People don’t notice how lonely you are. In any case, I feel fortunate because I didn’t achieve success too young and I was at least able to have a life before.” 

-Robert Pattinson 

(GQ Spain 2013)

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 “Dior came up and it felt right. It was a big decision – I’ve turned down plenty of others at the last minute before.” -Robert Pattinson (InStyle Magazine UK, 2013)

“When you become famous, it’s so easy for people to hate you just because you are famous.So you try to beat yourself up so others can’t.” -Robert Pattinson (GQ Spain, 2013)

“You can’t have a normal life. You spend a lot of time trying to fight it, but at the end you end up finding a new way to live.” -Robert Pattinson (GQ Spain, 2013)

“It’s strange, you start to change, childhood ends and suddenly you feel that your physical appearance is different, you feel heavier.” -Robert Pattinson (GQ Spain, 2013)

“Once you’ve become a part of the public eye, you’re professional life is often confined.” – Robert Pattinson (Wienerin Magazine, Austria 2013)

“I lived in a tiny apartment when the premiere came and I didn’t know if we were going to do the sequels. Then the opening weekend came and it was like: “Oops, now we’re going to have to do the sequels.” -Robert Pattinson (GQ Spain, 2013)

“Before I didn’t like appearing like I had a big ego, now I do. Now I have a big ego [laughs]. I will never again pretend to be humble [uses evil voice].” -Robert Pattinson (GQ Spain, 2013)

“I’m not that easy to cast because of my… physicality. I’m quite lanky. You can’t exactly see me in a sports film or something, can you? I’m never going to play ‘one of the guys’.” -Robert Pattinson (InStyle Magazine UK 2013)

“Everyone who works with me knows they’ll have to sit there and wait for me to go through my process of having my panic attack about how I look.” -Robert Pattinson (InStyle Magazine UK 2013)

“I have weird personal-space issues, and so I can’t stand people — um, I’ll do anything to not have any touch-ups.” -Robert Pattinson

“I wanna experience one day as a woman.” -Robert Pattinson (Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promo)

“I don’t really understand how the character Edward got so popular.” -Robert Pattinson

“It’s kind of, sort of, a like fantasy version I have of myself. I mean, I’m not like that on everyday basis, I think I am a little bit more boring [Laughs]” -Robert Pattinson (Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, September 2013)

“I had no idea what to expect going into it; we were just making stuff up. I’d never worked like that before.” -Robert Pattinson (about filming Dior Homme – GQ UK 2013)

“My aunt gave me L’Eau D’Issey when I was 12 – the same summer I discovered hair gel. I thought I was super classy. -Robert Pattinson (GQ UK 2013)

“I’d seen his movie Our Day Will Come and tried to meet him for like a year and just did not return my phone calls… Ever! [laughs] so I thought if I did the Dior thing I bet I could get him on board.” -Robert Pattinson (about Romain Gavras – Harpers Bazaar Arabia, 2013)

“I am very anti-paparazzi, but I guess you kind of get used to thing. In fact I just started getting better at hiding, [laughs] As soon as you figure out a way to live where people don’t follow you around, stress levels go down.” -Robert Pattinson (Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, September 2013)

“What I miss the most about London, aside from my family and friends, is the smell of rain.” Robert Pattinson (Grazia Spain 2013)

“I’m so boring! I spend all day on the Internet looking at what young directors are doing.” -Robert Pattinson (Elle, Brazil 2013)

“I don´t get why so many guys feel threatened by strong women. I always felt at ease with women around, I grew up with two older sisters and a very dominant mother.” – Robert Pattinson (Gala, Germany 2013)

“Whenever I meet people who don´t give a shit about what others think of them, I´m instantly fascinated.” – Robert Pattinson (Gala, Germany 2013)

“They’re great. We have no secret. When I’m with them I rarely have problems with fans, partly because if they see me with them they tend to let me be. But if it does happen, my group becomes protective.” – Robert Pattinson (On his good friends – Marie Claire Italy, 2013)

“I kept saying from the beginning I wanted to be really physical. I have done quite a few films in a row where it is all about stillness.” -Robert Pattinson (Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, September 2013)

“I don’t have a sixpack and I hate going to the gym. I’ve been like that my whole life. I never want to take my shirt off. I’d prefer to get drunk.” -Robert Pattinson (Sunday Style 2013)

“The smell of breakfast. Bacon, coffee, toast… it reminds me of family Sundays at home. Bacon and marmite.” -Robert Pattinson

“I always steal the pens in hotel rooms. Look: my backpack is full of them.” -Robert Pattinson ( Interview, Germany 2013)

“When we were 13 or so, I put a rose in this girl’s locker and – my best friend said he did it. A week later he was dating her.” -Robert Pattinson ( Interview, Germany 2013)

“I am so neurotic. It’s annoying, but at same time, I hold on to it. My insecurity is the only thing I find interesting about myself.” -Robert Pattinson (Elle France 2013)

“I’ve never seen a episode. That’s really bad isn’t it?” – Robert Pattinson (On Dr Who – InStyle, UK 2013)

“I´m 27 and for the first time in my life I don´t feel like a child anymore and others don´t treat me as one. It´s strange, feeling like an adult.” -Robert Pattinson (Gala, Germany 2013)

“One of my latest roles, in “The Rover”, was very liberating by the way. The character I play doesn’t have any teeth & was covered in mud and dirt from head to toe. But I didn’t care. I was running around half naked & was able to do things you usually can’t do when you’re constantly watched.” -Robert Pattinson (Wienerin Magazine, Austria 2013)

“As long as a piece of clothing fits well I don’t care about the rest. Then I wear it until it literally falls off of me.” -Robert Pattinson (Wienerin Magazine, Austria 2013)

“I never hung out with the ‘cool crowd. Actually, in my school, if you wanted to be in the cool crowd you had to go round and jack people’s phones, so I wasn’t part of that set.” -Robert Pattinson (InStyle, UK 2013)

“The script was wonderful, i worked hard. The story is fantastic, very original, told in a very innovative way. It was something that seemed very different from everything else and I wanted to be part of it.” -Robert Pattinson (about the Rover) – Sport & Style magazine France interview 2013

“Dressing up to go somewhere and be looked at – I get so nervous. Up until the second I have to leave, I’ll get changed a million times.” -Robert Pattinson (InStyle, UK 2013)

“I got £25. My friends all gave me £5. It was a very thoughtful present.” -Robert Pattinson – On what his friends got him for his 26th birthday

“Right now I´m trying to write a script, together with a friend of mine. I love to compare notes with others, to pour over a script.” – Robert Pattinson (Gala, Germany 2013)

“That thing is a nightmare – why would I want to attract any more attention to myself?” -Robert Pattinson (On Twitter – InStyle, UK 2013)

“Elegance is also being able to listen and to speak.” -Robert Pattinson (Sport & Style magazine France interview 2013)

“It said in my contract that I had the last word on what shot and kept but I never used it! I wanted Romain to produce what he had in mind, for it to be his movie.” – Robert Pattinson (about Romain Gavras and the Dior Homme commercial – Sport & Style magazine France interview 2013)

“You have to take your chances.” -Robert Pattinson (Sport & Style magazine France interview 2013)

“True style is first to have a good knowledge of who you are and also be very honest with yourself.” -Robert Pattinson (Sport & Style magazine France interview 2013)

“The decision was easy to make and I never doubted it. If it was that easy it’s cause it meant a lot to me, the fact that we all shared the same ideas and ambitions.” Robert Pattinson (about the Dior Homme commercial) – Sport & Style Magazine France interview 2013

“At that time, I was touring with a band in pubs around London. We were playing folk-pop but I’ve always prefered soul music more – Otis Redding, Van Morrison – than folk music.” -Robert Pattinson (Sport & Style magazine France interview 2013)

“For me the city [New York] smells of food, because it’s available at every corner.” -Robert Pattinson (Style Up Your Life magazine Austria, 2013)

“We like people because subconsciously we like the way they smell. I always find this very interesting to observe.” -Robert Pattinson (Style Up Your Life magazine Austria, 2013)

“Paris IS a feeling. To describe Paris is a bit like describing Dior. It’s a very different world. I really love strolling freely through a city in which films are still respected as an art form.” -Robert Pattinson (Style Up Your Life magazine Austria, 2013)

“If you use perfume when going out, you‘re going out for a very specific reason (smiles)” -Robert Pattinson (Style Up Your Life magazine Austria, 2013)

“People who hate the films tend to be very cynical and moralistic and generally speak of what they haven’t seen. And I think I’m one of those cynical and moralistic people that would have hated it.” -Robert Pattinson (New Moon Promo Tour)

“I miss going to the movies in Los Angeles, that has the best cinemas in the world. I used to go four or five times a week but now it is impossible, with all cellphone cameras.” -Robert Pattinson (Ativa magazine Portugal, 2013)

“Lately, I’ve taken a big interest in boxing, I like to watch the lightweight categories: middleweight, welter, super-welter and the flyweights too.” -Robert Pattinson (Sport & Style magazine France interview 2013)

“I never felt like we were ‘selling’ anything during the time that we were filming. It was just fun.” -Robert Pattinson (about the shooting of Dior Homme – Ativa magazine Portugal, 2013)

“When we thought about the character in the film, we immediately imagined a younger Jean-Paul Belmondo. A seductive man, witty and fun.” -Robert Pattinson (about the shooting of Dior Homme – Ativa magazine Portugal, 2013)

“I got really lucky with Cosmopolis. I got it towards the end of the Twilight movies and I felt it kind of legitimised me a bit.” -Robert Pattinson (InStyle, UK 2013)

“Luxury means to not have to worry.” -Robert Pattinson (Wienerin magazine Austria 2013)

“I have an enourmous amount of respect for films, so I’m trying to use whatever time, energy and influence I have to make interesting choices that no one else is making.” -Robert Pattinson (Grazia Magazine South Africa, 2013)

“Anything by Martin Amis” -Robert Pattinson (on his favorite literature – Grazia Magazine South Africa, 2013)

“In-N-Out Burger. It’s the greatest smell on the planet!” -Robert Pattinson (In Style US, 2013)

“I remember Christmas, sneaking downstairs and seeing my parents putting a present under the tree. It was a Lego Death Star. I was so excited about it. I still have it. It’s still intact from that Christmas morning when I was, like, 10.” – Robert Pattinson (Sunday Style Australia interview, 2013)

“I’m always very hesitant to work with big companies.” -Robert Pattinson (GQ UK, 2013)

“I remember my dad wearing Brut de Farbegé. He still has it, and it reminds me of my early school days.” -Robert Pattinson (Grazia Magazine South Africa, 2013)

“The Oscars are still mainstream and I don’t think I’m made for that. Coming from me, that comment can seem ridiculous but I’m trying to take a different road.” -Robert Pattinson (Numéro Magazine France 2013)

“Among contemporary actors, I admire Joaquin Phoenix: it’s so difficult to carry out a carreer without making any compromise.” -Robert Pattinson (Numéro Magazine France 2013)

“I play music all the time, I take my guitar everywhere.” -Robert Pattinson (Numéro Magazine France 2013)

“If I really had one aim in my career, it wouldn’t necessarily to win an Oscar but to reach that kind of consistency in my work.” -Robert Pattinson (on Jack Nicholson – Numéro Magazine France 2013)

“I have enough opinions about my work when it comes to movies [laughs] And I don’t feel the need to sell my music.” -Robert Pattinson (Numéro Magazine France 2013)

“I feel like I should be making an album sometimes, but I feel like it would be useless. I don’t need validation from anyone.” -Robert Pattinson (Numéro Magazine France 2013)

“My favorite actor is Jack Nicholson. I always loved what he did, the way he managed to differentiate his public image and the one he has in the movies. Such an incredible manipulation.” -Robert Pattinson (on Jack Nicholson – Numéro Magazine France 2013)

“If you took away publicists and things and people spoke for themselves, then they’d have to be responsible for their words.” – Robert Pattinson

“What masculinity used to be no longer works in a modern context. It is a strange time to be a guy — and probably a strange time to be a girl! [Laughs] I always thought of it as being solid and relatively pragmatic, but masculinity is many different things, really. If you work in artistic fields, you sometimes need to have some kind of imbalance, be solid and wild, be caring and careless.” -Robert Pattinson (MSN Style – 2013)

“This thing with everyone knowing you, it’s weird, because people have this one-sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know. I don’t really know myself that well.” -Robert Pattinson

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