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*VIDEO* Rob’s interview with BBC on the red carpet of Breaking Dawn Part 2 – London   2 comments

Click HERE or the image to watch

UK: Get a chance to interview Robert Pattinson with Radio 1 Breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw   Leave a comment

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw is giving 5 persons the chance to interview Rob:

From the site:

Fancy Meeting Robert Pattinson?

Of course you do!

Fancy meeting and interviewing one of the biggest movie stars in the world?

We’re inviting 5 of YOU to come and meet Robert Pattinson! You’ll also get the chance to interview him for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

To be in with a chance of being selected, all you have to do is choose your favourite scene from any of the Twilight films and then recreate it in a 1 minute video. You’ll need to upload your video to a video-sharing website (eg. YouTube, Vimeo etc), change the settings to ‘unlisted’ and then email the link to us at the following address:

The videos will be judged on entertainment and creativity, and we’ll call back our favourites to decide who progresses in the competition. Please note that you’ll need to be available to come to London on Wednesday 14th November when the interview will take place.

The competition opens at 7.30am on Friday 9th November 2012 and closes at 3:30pm on Sunday 11th November 2012.

This is Grimmers video lol

More about the rules, terms and conditions HERE

Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg on BBC Two’s The Culture Show   2 comments

Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg to feature on The Culture Show’s first episode of the new series.  The episode will air on BBC2 this Wednesday, 21 June, at 10pm.

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Video: Bel Ami & Robert Pattinson Featured on BBC Film 2012 + Review   2 comments

1. First part of the feature in better quality, and if you don’t want to watch the review. (click 720p HD)


2. Full video. Review at 2.45. The woman is pretty tough on the script and character, the guy is more complimentary about Rob. (remember, reviews are just personal opinions, go see it and decide for yourself.)

2nd video

*Updated* Video Of Robert Pattinson On The Graham Norton Show – UK   1 comment

Here’s is the video of Robert Pattinson’s interview on The Graham Norton Show.

Updated with better quality:

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Screencaps of Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon on The Graham Norton Show   Leave a comment

Here are some screencaps of Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon on The Graham Norton Show. 

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s Interview with Edith Bowman on BBC Radio 1   Leave a comment

Here’s a video of Robert Pattinson’s interview with Edith Bowman on BBC Radio 1 

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s Interview with Edith…, posted with vodpod

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Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner's Interviews with BBC1 – Team Edward vs Team Jacob   4 comments

You can also listen to it on BBC here.

Source: BBC via RP Life

BBC James King's Analysis!-Robert Pattinson future projects and Career   2 comments

It’s certainly a good move for him to make. I remember reading the book of Bel Ami in my French classes at school and Rob’s character, the fame hungry Georges Dulroy, is a million miles away from icy Edward Cullen. This is the story of a social climber, a Parisian nobody who works his way up the financial ladder by being the arm-candy of frustrated housewives. It’s a great role.

And, of course, it’s a role that he needs to be a success to get away from that relentless curse of the franchise star – type-casting. As Zac Efron attempts the same thing – turning down the teen-tastic Footloose in favour of moody drama Charlie St Cloud – both guys face a battle with the media over whether they can be seen outside of their blockbuster bubble. Both, I reckon, have the talent to pull it off.

More importantly, they’ve also got the looks. Whilst Star Wars leading man Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) struggled to find other hit movies it was his decidedly sexier co-star Harrison Ford that hit the big time. Ditto Eilijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen from Lord Of The Rings. The jury’s still out on exactly who will break out of the shadow of Harry Potter although maybe R Pattz, as the former Cedric Diggory, has already claimed that prize. With upcoming movies co-starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz (Unbound Captives) and Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz (Water For Elephants) he’s certainly got the cream of Hollywood on his side, with those projects reeking of awards potential.

Even if they do what Rob’s recent pic Remember Me did – ie. disappear without a trace – then I still think that the guy’s got the talent (and cheekbones) to do a Johnny Depp and, aged 40, find himself the toast of mainstream Hollywood with a wayout role in some Disney blockbuster. Don’t forget, Depp’s movies were generally only cult hits until Jack Sparrow came along.

So have another look at these Bel Ami pics and remember this moment. Come 2030, that guy you’re looking at now could be starring as a rum-swigging Jack Jnr in Pirates Of The Caribbean 12. Arguably a better career move than Taylor Lautner, recently signed up for Stretch Armstrong, a movie based on a plastic toy. Savvy?

James King

Source via Pattinson Life

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Audio: Philip Glenister Speaks About Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami   Leave a comment

Listen to the full interview here at BBC

Source:tuckered and JulietteCapuletMontague at IMDb Via RP Life