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I try to stick to strictly Rob content on the blog, but as I said before this whole story between Rachelle and Summit has made me quite angry. I was asked to make a video for Rachelle and here it is. Enjoy!

I was also asked to do a second short 30 second vid which I have also included in this post. The music for the first one is James Blunt – Shine on, the second song is Paris Spark – The Spleen.

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37 responses to “My videos for Rachelle Lefevre

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  1. that was beautiful 🙂 xxx

  2. i loved it!

  3. Amazing, as always! Rachelle, you will always be Victoria to us!

  4. Wow..really great job! It’s not going to be the same with out her. Thanks for making that video it really emphasized why we loved her in the role so much. She is a true beauty inside and out!

  5. that was absolutely amazing. i loved it

  6. Thanks

  7. I can’t see it 😦

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  9. Yeah!! I saw it…

    I teared up… that was really beautiful… I hope she gets to see this.. I hope they all do.

    I feel for the remaining cast as well… I’m sure they understand this business better than we do and I’m sure they all know “these things happen” but it just stinks.

    She’s lucky she has such great and talented fans…..we’re lucky she knows how lucky she is 🙂

    Summit… please hear our pleas… there is no one we would rather see the Rachelle when it comes time for Edward to decapitate Victoria 🙂 and Rachelle I mean that in the best way 😉

    Poise and grace…. you are that and more Rachelle

    Thanks FP… for a great video…

  10. Wow FP, that vid was just amazing! I am speechless!

  11. I finally made it over here. What a beautiful video. Im still saddened that she wont be back. ❤

  12. What a lovely video, Paris. So sad about Rachelle. Summit seems very hardball.

  13. Dammit you nearly got me in tears! Loved the video and she is such a classy and GORGEOUS lady, my faves of the pics is when she is all natural and her hair naturally curly/wavy. I SO wish I could meet her someday!

  14. Thanks for all the comments guys 🙂

  15. Hello!

    I agree with you! When I heard that Rachelle won’t be Victoria, it was a real surprise to me. First I thought it was a bad joke. I am so sad to learn the decision of Summit.

    Rachelle will always be victoria to me

    I still don’t understand why summit did this, it make any sense! Why are they risking to make fans angry ? It’s a mystery to me lol

    I love the song of James Blunt untitled Shine on

    Thanks for posting the video, I am sure that rachelle Appreciates it. that fans are so supportive of her

  16. I’ve only watched the one with James Blunt’s music so far and I have to say I am even more upset now. I am so, so sad about this. You did a great job. You put in pictures what we all know. That Rachelle is a very sweet person who did so much for Twilight and was a great representative for the whole Saga. She was always fun and gracious in interviews. What a great personality. I still can’t believe this is happening.

  17. FP, you truly captured Rachelle’s beauty of spirit. We all get caught up with Rob, but I think the reason why we blog/twitter is because we have strong opinions. Rachelle has always touched me. I don’t know why. Maybe I liked her performance or interviews. Maybe I like the soul she shows in her eyes. Maybe I like her attitude. Her wild her. Her laugh. I dunno. But she’s a beautiful spirit. I love beautiful spirits. Rob has one too. But back to RL….thank you FP, for documenting the gorgeous, positive energy that is Rachelle. We love you, babe. (that pertains to both FP and RL!)

  18. you people are deluded, as the most of this fanbase.
    no wonder that all people outside of this hormonal shit hates the movie and this franchise.

  19. Exactly… Why do you care what the fan base is doing and why are you looking at this blog if you are not part of the “fan base”… just as I luv spunk said.. MOVE ALONG!

  20. Fantastic video with the perfect song! Thanks, FP…..and remember folks, karma balances everything (evil grin)……

  21. You should post #1 video in youtube. Dailymotion is not the best!! But your video is the best!! Thks!!

    • I would have posted it on Youtube but I can’t because Youtube copyrights some songs and that James Blunt one is. Therefore if I try to upload it they will just remove the audio. Youtube sucks like that sometimes.

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