2009 in Pics of Robert Pattinson — Part 6 — Remember Me Screencaps and Stills   Leave a comment

Here’s part 6 of 2009 in pics, it’s the last and final part.  So far we’ve done pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Remem ber Me, at Comic-Con, in Japan, in Cannes, at the Oscars, on the set of New Moon, at the VMAs, at the TCAs, at the MTV Movie Awards, Photoshoot pics, New Moon Pics and pics from the Promotional Tour for New Moon .Today I’m posting Remember Me stills and Screencaps. I think that pretty much covers 2009. You can find part 1 here ‚  part 2 here , part 3 here, part 4 here and part 5 here.

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And a recap of 2009 in black & white and colour enhanced pics here.

More screencaps and stills after the jump!

The screencaps below are courtesy of ljmd at Pattinson Life

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